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Priority 5 FP6 Programme Committee

Each specific programme within the EC's research framework develops its own work programme, which is revised annually and sets out how the programme will be run.
A programme committee, made up of representatives from the Member States and associated countries, is set up at the beginning of a programme and oversees and consults with the EC on how that programme operates.
In the case of the Sixth Framework Programme (2002-2006) - under which Food quality and safety Thematic Priority research is run - the main role of the committee is to monitor the implementation of the work programme and give an opinion on the selected project lists following evaluations.

Shaping the programme

Throughout FP 6, the committee also played an important role in improving and shaping the programme, providing advice, among other issues, on synergy with national programmes, the evaluation process, revising the work programme, and impact assessment. Through this work the committee also influences general policy in the sector as decisions and exchanges of views 'trickle down' to national governments and organisations.

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