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Oceans offer huge opportunities for innovation and economic development. However, the impact of human activities on the marine environment keeps increasing. Maritime transport, offshore energy, tourism, coastal development, resource extraction, fisheries and aquaculture are examples of activities which can have a major impact on the marine environment, putting at risk fragile marine ecosystems. The European Union has taken up this challenge with the Integrated Maritime Policy (IMP) of which the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (2008/56/EC) is the environmental pillar.

"The Ocean of Tomorrow 2012" initiative is consistent with the two previous cross-thematic calls FP7-OCEAN-2010 and FP7-OCEAN-2011. It is one of the actions undertaken in order to implement the European Strategy for Marine and Maritime Research COM (2008) 534

"The Ocean of Tomorrow" 2012 initiative requires a multi-disciplinary approach and the involvement of various scientific and technological research fields directly relevant for advancing the knowledge base on the good environmental status (GES). It is implemented through 9 coordinated topics addressing a wide range of marine related issues relevant to several descriptors of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive. Cooperation will involve Theme 2 Food, Agriculture, Fisheries and biotechnology, Theme 5 Energy, Theme 6 Environment, (including climate change), and Theme 7 Transport (including Aeronautics). The focus will be on research gaps about the definition and monitoring of the "Good Environment Status" (GES) of EU waters, to be achieved by 2020.


On 16th June 2011 took place the INFODAY on "The Ocean of Tomorrow 2012" coordinated topics focused on Research in support to the Good Environmental Status (GES) of our Seas and Oceans. It was held in the Charlemagne Conference Centre Room Sicco Mansholt, Brussels The Conference gathered around 120 participants from 17 countries covering a great variety of organisations (research, consultancies, industry, policy makers, NGO) and sectors. Most of participants were interested in environment (including environmental technologies), fisheries and aquaculture and transport and energy fields. Patricia Reilly and Harold Nyssen from the Cabinets of respectively Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, European Commissioner for Science, Research and Innovation and Maria Damanaki, European Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries welcomed the participants and delivered keynote speeches. They both emphasized the need to put more efforts on research and innovation in support of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive given the legal and environmental urgencies at stake. They both referred, as examples, to the hot topics of marine litter and degradation of micro-plastics in the marine environment. Patricia Reilly especially welcomed the close cooperation in 2012 with DG Environment for "The Ocean of Tomorrow" approach. Claude Rouam, head of the "Marine unit" in DG Environment, presented the drivers of the Marine Strategy Directive as well as its main features and related research needs.

The plenary session chaired by Pierre Mathy, head of unit for "food, health and well-being" research in DG Research and Innovation, went on with a general presentation of the rationale for this coordinated topics' approach. The 9 topics, their objectives, their expected impacts and the implementation modalities were described in details.

It was followed by a floor discussion with all Commission services. Questions concerned specific points regarding the 9 topics as well as more general comments on the evaluation as well as participation modalities.


- Claude Rouam: "The Good Environmental Status & the Marine Strategy Framework Directive - Specific research needs to support policy implementation" [ 1.3mb]

- Jacques Fuchs: "Description of the coordinated topics and modalities for implementation" [ 400 kb]

- Thierry Baussant IRIS: CONSOILIDATE Combine Forces to Combat Oil Spills [ 562 kb]

If you wish to put a flash presentation on this website directly relating to setting-up or joining a consortium on a specific topic presented at the INFODAY please contact : for the modalities

Ocean InfoDay 2011
Ocean Infoday 2011
Ocean Infoday 2011
Ocean Infoday 2011
Ocean Infoday 2011

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