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Oceans offer opportunities for sustainable economic development. However, human activities are exerting increasing environmental pressure on the oceans, threatening marine ecosystems and sustainable maritime activities. In particular, the growing demand for maritime transport, offshore energy, tourism, coastal development, resource extraction, fisheries and aquaculture may have a major impact on the marine environment.
The European Union has taken up this challenge and established a new integrated maritime policy, of which the Communication "A European Strategy for Marine and Maritime Research" (COM (2008) 534) is a fundamental part. The strategy highlights the importance of integration between established marine and maritime research disciplines, in order to reinforce excellence in science and to reconcile the growth of sea-based activities with environmental sustainability. The "ocean of tomorrow" 2011 is the second cross-thematic call for proposals to implement this commitment.

Knowledge for innovations to make the most of sea resources.

The aims of the call are to improve our understanding and the predictive capacity of marine ecosystems’ response to a combination of natural and anthropogenic factors, while fostering innovations to make the most of sea resources.
The call "The ocean of tomorrow 2011" will be implemented through four topics, out of which two of generic nature and two of particular relevance to the Mediterranean and the Black Sea:

  1. Multi-use offshore platforms (€14 milllion)
  2. Marine microbial diversity: new insights into marine ecosystems functioning and its biotechnological potential (€9 million)
  3. Assessing and predicting the combined effects of natural and human-made pressures in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea in view of their better governance (€13 million)
  4. Knowledge-base and tools for regional networks of marine protected areas, integrated management of activities together with assessment of wind energy potential in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea (€9 million)

The call has been published on CORDIS on 20 July 2010 under the Cooperation Themes: Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, and Biotechnology; Energy; Environment; Transport. It is led by the Directorate 'Biotechnologies, Agriculture, Food' of the Research DG.

The Info Day presenting the call for proposals FP7-OCEAN-2011 "The ocean of tomorrow 2011" took place on 9 September 2010 in the Conference Centre Albert Borschette in Brussels.

250 persons attended the conference.

Morning session : [webstream ]

Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, European Commissioner for Research and Innovation, and Maria Damanaki, European Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries welcomed the participants. They underlined the need of improved knowledge of the sea to open up new opportunities and drive innovation in the maritime economy.Addressing societal and environmental challenges while at the same time converting them into economic opportunities is a key objective of the Innovation Union that is at the core of the Europe 2020 strategy.

The morning session, chaired by Maive Rute, Director of Directorate E 'Biotechnologies, Agriculture, Food' in DG RTD, went on with a general presentation of the rationale for this call and of the challenges it tackles in the different domains bio-economy, environment, transport, energy. The four topics, their objectives, their expected impacts and the implementation of the call for proposals were described in details.

It was followed by a floor discussion with all Commission services. Questions concerned specific points on the text of the 4 topics as well as more general comments on the call itself.

Afternoon session: [webstream ]

The brokerage session organised in the afternoon went smooth in 2 1/2 hours time and allowed participants to better know each others. 40 "flash" presentations were given by participants related to a project idea, to their competence in the specific field, or to their interest in starting or joining a consortium.




Máire Geoghegan-Quinn
European Commissioner for Research and Innovation


Maria Damanaki
European Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries


Maive Rute, Director
Biotechnologies, Agriculture, Food Directorate - Research DG
Call “The ocean of tomorrow 2011”: rationale, context
Bio-economy challenges in the context of the call


Manuela Soares, Director 
Environment Directorate - Research DG
Environmental challenges in the context of the call


Andras Siegler, Director
Transport Directorate - Research DG
Transport challenges in the context of the call


Bruno SCHMITZ, Head of Unit
New and renewable energy sources Unit

Energy Directorate – Research DG
Energy challenges in the context of the call


Ana-Teresa CAETANO, Management of natural resources Unit
Environment Directorate – Research DG
Call “The ocean of tomorrow 2011”: description of topics, modalities for implementation


Floor discussion with Commission services
Waddah Saab (Transport); Thierry Langlois d'Estaintot (Energy), Ana Teresa Caetano (Environment), Garbine Guiu Etxeberria (Marine biotechnology), Jacques Fuchs, Isabelle Terrier (Fisheries&Aquaculture, call coordination)


Lunch Break


Brokerage session - Flash presentations
Moderator: Waddah Saab, coordinator for the EU Strategy for marine and maritime research - Surface Transport Unit, Transport Directorate - Research DG


Presentation title




topic 1

Sustainable Use of Offshore Platforms

World Maritime University

Neil Bellefontaine


topic 1

Mediterranean offshore platform

Pole Mer PACA

Florian Carré


topic 1



Andrés Castro


topic 1

Presentation as2con Info day

as2con - alveus ltd.

Teuta Duletic


topic 1

Impact analysis on the environment

Oldenburg University

Christopher Haut


topic 1



Jose Joaquin Hernandez Brito


topic 1

Platform for Energy, Aquaculture and Shipping

Strathclyde Marine Institute

Atilla Incecik


topic 1

Offshore Research Platform

University of Oviedo

Enrique Jáimez


topic 1

FINO3 - The offshore laboratory in North Sea

FuE-Zentrum FH Kiel GmbH

Björn Lehmann-Matthaei


topic 1

WavEC-an integrated view on Marine Renewables

Wave Energy Centre - WavEC

Alex Raventos


topic 1

Aqualine AS, Norway

Aqualine AS

Noralf Rønningen


topic 1

INSEAN: maritime engineering research center


Francesco Salvatore


topic 1

The EPHESUS: An Integrated Ocean Farm System

Ege University

Gamze Turan


topic 1

Proposal for multi-use offshore platforms


Jose Luis Villate


topic 1

Competences-Projets-Interests in FP7-OCEAN-2011


Anastasia Walter


topic 2

Hidden Marine Microbial Biodiversity

The Natural History Museum

David Bass


topic 2

The sea surface microlayer: vital and unique

Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom

Michael Cunliffe


topic 2

Setting up the Marine B3 Consortium

Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology

Frank Oliver Glöckner


topic 2

New metagenomics-based biotech applications

Bangor University

Peter Golyshin


topic 2

Analysis of microbial functionality of arctic deep sea hydrothermal vent systems and cold seeps through metagenomics and metaproteomics

University of Bergen

Anja Hegen


topic 2

Eco-Systems Biology

Centre de Recherche Public - Gabriel Lippmann

Paul Wilmes


topic 2

Potential contributions for the ocean of tomorrow

Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Ecology

Maggy Nugues


topic 2-3

Potential interest of MRC/TUBITAK to Ocean

TUBITAK-Marmara Research Center

Çolpan Polat Beken


topic 3

Consilience, Integration and Improvement

Norwegian University of Science & Technology

Murat V. Ardelan

topic 3

The humans: A neglected biological species

NTNU Social Research

Oddmund Otterstad


topic 3

Coastal-grid Observatories Research Alliance

Daedalus Informatics Ltd

Peter Chaniotis


topic 3

Environmental impact of ports

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Rosa Mari Darbra


topic 3

JRC IES Rural, Water and Ecosystem Resources Unit as research partner

JRC Institute for environment and sustainability

Georg Hanke


topic 3


Dipartimento di Ricerche Energetiche ed Ambientali (DREAM) - Università di Palermo

Gianfranco Rizzo


topic 3

Marine Environmental Acoustics at NPL

National Physical Laboratory

Stephen Robinson


topic 1-3

Maritime logistics

University Duisburg-Essen, Transport systems and Logistics

Cyril Alias


topic 3-4

EurOcean Knowledge Management


Cristina Costa


topic 4

COCONET: A COast to COast NETwork of protecte

University of Salento - CoNISMa

Ferdinando Boero


topic 4

Legal research on MPAs

Netherlands Institute for the Law of the Sea (NILOS) - Utrecht University

Petra Drankier


topic 4

Assessing the Egyptian Mediterranean water

National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries

Suzan Kholeif


topic 4

Project Proposal and Ideas for MPAs by METU

Middle East Technical University

Ahmet Cevdet Yalciner


topic 1-4

The Innovation Dimension: Knowledge Mgmt

AquaTT Limited

David Murphy


topic 1-3-4

Marine Law and Ocean Policy Research Services

Marine Law and Ocean policy Research Services Limited

Ronán Long


topic 1-3-4

Technologies for a sustainable development

Unidad de Tecnologia Marina (UTM - CSIC)

Marcos Portabella


topic 1-2-3-4

The ICTINEU3 1200m Research Submersible

Ictineu Submarins

Alex Alcocer


topic 1-2-3-4

Marine benthic ecologist

Oceanlab, University of Aberdeen

Martin Solan



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