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International research activities

Agricultural research is an essential pillar of the EC International Scientific cooperation policy EUROPA - Research - International Scientific Cooperation Policy - Home .

International Research cooperation

Agricultural Research for Development is addressed on European level by several initiatives:

EIARD - The European Initiative on Agricultural Research for Development ( ) is an informal ARD co-ordination platform of policy departments, in EU Member States, Switzerland and Norway. Its effectiveness is ensured through its country representatives and by the endorsement of its role by the European Council and Parliament.

EFARD - The European Forum on Agricultural Research for Development is an informal network of European stakeholders in Agricultural Research for development (, researchers, NGOs, industry, policy makers. Every 2-3 years a European Forum conference is organised (

ERA-ARD - The ERA-Net on Agricultural Research for Development, EIARD and EFARD are supported by an information system and a dynamic project database


GFAR - The Global Forum on Agricultural Research is a platform on world level, hosted by FAO and supported by an information system:

CGIAR - The Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research is a consortium of 15 international agricultural research centers world wide

Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO)
The principal aims of this intergovernmental organisation are to raise levels of nutrition and standards of living by improving agricultural productivity and the conditions of rural populations. The FAO's work covers agriculture, forestry, fisheries and rural development.

International Society For Food, Agriculture and Environment

Research cooperation with other OECD countries

Like Europe, both the USA and Japan invest in public agricultural research. Priorities are similar to those in Europe, covering issues such as sustainability, increased production efficiency, safety in the food chain, and sustainable rural livelihoods.


The United States Department of Agriculture
The department's own Agricultural Research Service

Specifically, sustainable agriculture, including education and research programmes
SARE, the Sustainable Agricultural Network

Federal programmes for sustainable agriculture, forestry, conservation and community development "Building better rural places"

US Forest Service, research and development activities


Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food

Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Research Council - R&D in Japanese Agriculture

Biotechnology research in Japan



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