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Project Synopsis (FAIR: Co-operative research for SMEs) - Generic science and advanced technologies for nutritious foods

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Generic science and advanced technologies for nutritious foods

Ancient grain becomes biotech snack (pdf file - 129 Kb) Not a waste of potatoes (pdf file - 125 Kb)
A vision of quality for fruit and veg (pdf file - 124 Kb) Truffle troubles? (pdf file - 115 Kb)
Cleaning up food and drink (pdf file - 131 Kb) Cutting edge cheese (pdf file - 128 Kb)
In a pickle with olives (pdf file - 122 Kb) Egging industry on (pdf file - 123 Kb)
Bucking the trend (pdf file - 124 Kb) Freeing the spirit of enterprise (pdf file - 122 Kb)
Cut and dried? (pdf file - 125 Kb) Whipping up support for cream (pdf file - 111 Kb)
That mushrooming effect (pdf file - 126 Kb) Waste of olives (pdf file - 127 Kb)
To cap it all (pdf file - 123 Kb) Making sense of oil (pdf file - 117 Kb)
Not a raw deal at all (pdf file - 127 Kb) Foul food and drink (pdf file - 126 Kb)
A nose for olive oil (pdf file - 117 Kb) Let's drink to goats (pdf file - 121 Kb)
Ap-peeling fruit (pdf file - 124 Kb) Potatoes keep their cool (pdf file - 118 Kb)
On the crest of a wafer (pdf file - 121 Kb) Squeezing the best out of European wines (pdf file - 112 Kb)
Manhandling sausages - no more! (pdf file - 118 Kb) A drink to your elders (pdf file - 122 Kb)
Food for thought (pdf file - 116 Kb)  

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