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Project Synopsis (FAIR: Co-operative research for SMEs) - Integrated production and processing chains

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Integrated production and processing chains

Electricity from wood (pdf file - 128 Kb) Fashionable flax (pdf file - 122 Kb)
Pulling all the stops out (pdf file - 124 Kb) The stress of growing eucalyptus (pdf file - 123 Kb)
Making the most of timber (pdf file - 128 Kb) Bio-detergents clean up (pdf file - 120 Kb)
Cosmetic changes for sustainable agriculture (pdf file - 114 Kb) Sting in the tail (pdf file - 146 Kb)
Wool that grows on trees? (pdf file - 128 Kb) Algae - a blooming success? (pdf file - 129 Kb)
Preserving wood, protecting the environment (pdf file - 121 Kb) Pack it in! (pdf file - 130 Kb)
Rotten fungi (pdf file - 122 Kb)  

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