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Project Synopsis (FAIR: Co-operative research for SMEs) - Fisheries and aquaculture

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Fisheries and aquaculture

Healthfood for fisheries (pdf file - 130 Kb) European soft crabs (pdf file - 125 Kb)
Fishing for protein (pdf file - 128 Kb) Certified fish farming (pdf file - 137 Kb)
Revolutionising oyster farming (pdf file - 121 Kb) Fish food for thought (pdf file - 118 Kb)
Fishy business (pdf file - 122 Kb) Urchins hit the big time (pdf file - 114 Kb)
Getting ahead in the tuna steaks! (pdf file - 122 Kb) Signs of good breeding in rainbow trout? (pdf file - 118 Kb)
Saving the European "flat" oyster (pdf file - 122 Kb) Cold fish (pdf file - 132 Kb)
The waste of fish (pdf file - 117 Kb) Plants as fish food? (pdf file - 120 Kb)

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