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SME projects under FP5 Key Action 5

The following list illustrates the variety of agricultural research carried out with the partcipation of SMEs as CRAFT projects.

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Contract_No Title and Acronym Coordinator
QLK5-2001- 100% biodegradable thermo insulating foam packaging for fast-food, ice and drinks FOAMPACK Mr. Ruben DE PORTO (IL)
QLK5-2001- Energy generation from welfare friendly straw systems for pigs PIGSTRAW Mr. Rob CLAESEN
QLK5-2001- Development and optimisation of 100% biodegradable and cheap multilayer sheet for its application in single-use packaging MULTIBIO Mr. Luis HOYOS (E)
QLK5-2001- A new natural seed coating based on chitosan SEEDCOAT  
QLK5-2001- A cost-effective system development for complete exploitationof Olive mill wastewater PANELEA  
QLK5-2000-70010 Control of brown discolouration provoked by bacterial colonisation as measure to improve pleurotus SPP. Production and quality PLEUROTUS QUALITY Ms. Marisa PENA
QLK5-2000-70015 A new, environmentally friendly substrate from compost and agricultural waste, for glasshouse horticulture and reforestation NEW SUBSTRATE Ir. Thomas J. VAN WIJK (NL)
QLK5-2000-70084 Addressing the Need for Disease Resistant Sugar Beet Seed BEETRESIS Dr. Albert MACEFIELD (UK)
QLK5-2000-70230 Novel Spawn Technology: An innovative concept for the mushroom industry SPAWN Dr. Jan Willem DORPEMA (NL)
QLK5-2001-70429 Reduction of Agricultural and rural Pollution by InnovativeAdditivesRAPID Mr. Kelvin CAVE (UK)
QLK5-2001-70473 Grape must and distillery waste disintegration for agricultural use by low impact technologiesAMBITECH Mr. Manuel GOMEZ PALACIOS (E)
QLK5-2001-70484 Development of an environmentally friendly protection for sweet pepper and strawberry BIOPROTECT Mr. Aron SHAKARGI (IL)
QLK5-2001-70496 Development of greenhouse foils and additives to optimize plant growth and disease inhibition through the control of photomorphogenesis SPECTRAFOIL Mr. Matthias GRAFE (D)
QLK5-2001- Reptiles Industrial Culture of Ocellated Lizard (Lacerta lepida), European Pond Terrapin (Emys orbicularis) and Nile Crocodile (Crocodilus niloticus) REPTILE Mr. Jose Luis SANCHEZ-DIAZ (E)
QLK5-2001- Pesticide Reduction in Mushroom cultivation in Europe MUSHPEST Dr. William DALE (UK)
QLK5-2001- Pneumatic Grain Cleaner CLEANGRAIN Mr. David James CUNDALL (UK)
QLK5-2001- Resistance Breeding against the Barley Leaf Spot Complex, a new barley disease in Europe BARLEYDIS Dr. Johann BIRSCHITZKY (A)
QLK5-2001- Biological suppression of severe plant viruses PLANTVIR Dr. Gal YARDEN (IL)
QLK5-2001- Valorisation of Spent Mushroom Substrate (SMS) SMS Mw. Wilhelmina KEIJSERS
QLK5-2001- New phytogenic product line for pig production PIGPROD Mr. Helmut DEDL (A)
QLK5-2001- Porcine embryo cryopreservation and non-surgical transfer to improve genetic preservation and international trade PEC Mr. Jan VAN VUGT (NL)
QLK5-2001- Replacement of insecticide treatment on apples by a pheromone based bio-control approach for Colding Moth NEW INSECT CONTROL Mr. David HARTLEY (UK)
QLK5-2001- Complex exploitation of distillery stillage as high evaluated, BSE safe, agent for fodder mixture STILEX Mr. Ivan PLACEK (CZ)
QLK5-2001- Innovative system for high quality cocoons production I.S.CO.P. Mr. Christos BANTIANIDIS (EL)
QLK5-2001- The Research and development of an environmentally and sustainable approach to soil sterilization through the use of heat. IHEATSOIL Mr. Matthew SILLIFANT (UK)
QLK5-2001- Sustainable enhancement of autochthonous wine grapes in mountain areas EAGLE WINES Mr. Guiseppe Giuliano AGUETTAZ (IT)
QLK5-2001- Development of a novel, low cost, easy to use instrument to estimate meat quality and composition in live animals based in measurements of backfat, loin eye muscle area and intramuscular fat ESCOLA Mr. Juan VALLIN (E)
QLK5-2001- NIR-Measurement-Technique of N-Organic-Concentration in Agriculture-Soils BIONIRS Mr. Georg HUSZ (A)
QLK5-2001- Eco conception de barriques ECB Mr. Christian FOURNIER (F)
QLK5-2001- Assessment of the microbiological status of raw material for the European leather industry MICROSTAT Mrs. Marjorie VISSCHER (UK)
QLK5-2001- Development of a competitive exclusion product for poultry meeting the regulatory requirements in the EU CEX  
QLK5-2001- Improved utilisation of new genetic resources in resistance breedingagainst soil-borne viruses in barley and wheat by the use of molecular markers VIRRES  
QLK5-2001- New feed descriptors and diagnostic tests to optimise the use of protein supplements for dairy cows NOVAZOTE  
QLK5-2001-70315 Development of new technology for production of broad-leaved forest seedlings to promote sustainability of European forestry BROAD-TECH Mr. Mario MARGHERITI (IT)
QLK5-2001-70367 New Technology and Procedures for Improved seed performance for Forestry and Landscape use. Tree Seed Performance Jan KLOOSTERHUIS (NL)
QLK5-2001-70471 In-vessel biological degradation of wood powder from the furniture industry WOODCOMP Mrs. Catherine DAWSON (UK)
QLK5-2001-70639 Use of shortlength timber in furniture manufacture SHORTLENGTH Mr. David JENKINS (UK)
QLK5-2001- Increasing the durability, value and performance of European timbers by thermal treatments with reactive vegetable oils. ECOTAN  

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