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Almost all the EU Member States are represented on the EURAGRI platform which provides informal exchange of information that is of value to agricultural research planning.
Opinions on developments in science, society and industry - as they relate to agriculture in Europe - are presented by ministries of agriculture and the top management of national research organisations. The EU's Agriculture DG and Research DG participate as guest members.
EURAGRI is effectively a think tank, because members discuss upcoming issues without committing themselves or compromising their principles. Its work is evolving from an emphasis on national policy to one that is more international, taking into account the EU's Common Agricultural Policy and related matters such as rural affairs.

Following and informing research

Developments in Europe's structure for conducting scientific research - the Framework Programmes and the rapidly evolving European Research Area (ERA) - are closely monitored by the platform. This growing knowledge has made it possible for the EU to use EURAGRI as a tool to communicate with the scientific community working in the agriculture and food research sectors.
EURAGRI is also a forum where research managers can benchmark the effectiveness of their work and gauge its general relevance in the European context.
Conference focus
EURAGRI's main activity is its annual conference.

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