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Cohesion policy 1989-93: from projects to programmes

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This video is part of a series of four clips produced as part of the 20th anniversary of EU cohesion policy, showing the policy’s key implementation stages. It focuses on the period 1989-93, a pivotal moment in regional policy which signalled the emergence of structural policies above and beyond Structural Funds alone. A 1988 European Council regulation gave the green light for the integration of European funds within the context of “economic and social cohesion”. Since then, EU cohesion policy has become one of Europe’s major policies, aimed chiefly at the sustainable development of regions. The evolution of cohesion policy over time can be divided into four major periods: 1989-93 (from projects to programmes), 1994-99 (consolidation and doubling the effort), 2000-06 (making enlargement a success) and 2007-13 (focus on growth and employment).




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