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REGIOSTARS 2014 - BEACON: Creating green jobs in rural Wales

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The BEACON project faces a major challenge for Europe and the world: developing innovative technologies to meet the growing demand for energy and resources. The project focuses on bio-refining: a process using non-food crops to create biomass which can be used in products instead of crude oil. By producing renewable products from biomass, BEACON represents a green alternative to polluting fossil fuels, helping Europe to cut its greenhouse gas emissions. BEACON also supports companies in commercialising their research and exploiting intellectual property. This pioneering initiative is attracting investments to one of the UK poorest rural regions, creating vital jobs and developing advanced know-how at a global level.

  • Region: West Wales and the Valleys, UK
  • Total budget: €22 987 000
  • ERDF funding: €11 917 000
  • Financing period: December 2010 – June 2015

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