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RegioStars 2012 - INCLUSIVE GROWTH: O4O - Lifelong experience boosts ageing communities

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People in the EU are living longer than ever, and the proportion of the population aged over 55 is growing all the time. In some rural areas on the fringes of northern Europe, many pensioners live by themselves, and risk becoming isolated and marginalised if public transport and other services are not available and they cannot afford special care. In these remote regions, skilled staff, such as carers and nurses, are often hard to recruit and retain. The O4O project – Older people for Older people – co-financed by the European Union, responded to this challenge, using existing skills and experience within ageing communities. O4O shows older people how they can take responsibility for providing the services they need, and organises support across rural Scotland, Finland, Greenland, Northern Ireland and Sweden. At a time when public spending is under pressure in many parts of the EU, the project demonstrates how vital networks and facilities can be maintained in a way that also encourages older people to stay active and make an important contribution to society. Winner of the RegioStars 2012 Award, Inclusive Growth category




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