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  • The European Union's Cohesion Policy: investing in your Regions and Cities

    The European Union's Cohesion Policy: investing in your Regions and Cities


    Every year the EU invests millions of Euro in job creation and economic growth, to help reduce social and economic differences between its regions. This short video will tell you more on how these EU investments can improve citizens' everyday lives by stimulating economic growth in their region.  

    Over the past five years, EU cohesion policy has created over 600.000 jobs; invested in the professional training of up to 15 million people every year to improve their employability; and co‑financed the construction of 25 000 km of roads and 1800 km of railways; it has also ensured the provision of clean drinking water for 3 million more people; has invested in 200 000 small and medium-sized companies and 61.000 research projects. These figures are still growing, as projects which started over the past 5 years continue to produce results.

    All this is made possible by the European Regional Development Fund, the Cohesion Fund and the European Social Fund, which together represent more than one-third of the EU budget.

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  • Comic book "Partners"

    Comic book


    The Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy has just published a brand new comic book called ’Partners’ which aims at presenting Regional and Urban Policy through six stories designed to appeal to a young audience. The themes covered in this album are Research & Innovation, Urban Development, Environment, Support to SMEs, Social Inclusion, ICT, Cooperation between regions, Transport, Solidarity between regions in case of natural disasters, etc. These slices of life and stories of men and women were inspired by real EU-funded projects that illustrate the European Union’s contribution to reducing differences in standards of living and supporting the regions in their development.
    This comic is available in FR, EN and NL and can be ordered via EU Bookshop

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  • REGIOSTARS 2014 - Gdynia trolley bus network: Green trolley buses bring a better quality of urban life

    REGIOSTARS 2014 - Gdynia trolley bus network: Green trolley buses bring a better quality of urban life


    The project aims to enhance the power supply system of the trolleybus traction network. It also purchased 28 new trolleybuses to increase the number of modern, eco-friendly and accessible trolleybuses. The direct objectives of the project are to increase the competitiveness of environmentally friendly public transport and to improve quality of service. Those improvements have rebuilt the image of public transport in Gdynia, causing an increase in the number of passengers, and creating direct benefits for the residents and the local economy.

    • City: Gdynia, Poland
    • Total budget: €24 424 000
    • ERDF funding: €13 428 000
    • Financing period: January 2010 – June 2013

    Press Release 

    More information about the project

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  • RegioStars Awards 2011 (CIVITAS) (story)

    RegioStars Awards 2011 (CIVITAS) (story)

    23/06/2011In this video portrait, Eugenia Vasconcelos, a native and resident of Funchal, explains how the introduction of a bus route near her home has changed her life. Today, at nearly 80 years of age, she is rediscovering the freedom she had as a teenager: going out, moving around, getting together with other people, and so on. This achievement falls within the framework of an innovative and sustainable mobility policy implemented by the local authorities and given direct support by the EU.

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  • RegioStars Awards 2011: CIVITAS

    RegioStars Awards 2011: CIVITAS

    23/06/2011This video presents the different initiatives in Funchal, the capital of Madeira, implemented by the local authorities with support from EU Regional Policy in relation to innovative and sustainable mobility. By encouraging the use of cleaner transport modes and practices, this action is aimed at both the region’s inhabitants and, above all, at tourists, who are key actors in the development of the local economy. The CIVITAS initiative is being co-funded by the EU’s European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) as part of EU Regional Policy aid for transport infrastructures.

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  • NEWADA: László Szabo (story)

    NEWADA: László Szabo (story)

    08/12/2010This video profiles László Szabo, a customs officer in Mohacs, a small town at the crossroads between Hungary, Serbia and Croatia. Thanks to the NEWADA project, co-financed by the ERDF, he is now able to work in more modern conditions with his Serb and Croat colleagues.

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  • Danube Bridge 2: Mitroi Nicolae Daniel (story)

    Danube Bridge 2: Mitroi Nicolae Daniel (story)

    08/12/2010This video profiles Mitroi Nicolae Daniel, a native of Calafat and responsible for a construction team working on the Calafat-Vidin bridge. He, like many local workers, has found employment that is opening up new perspectives thanks to this project co-funded by the ERDF. As the head of a team responsible for laying the underground pipes that are designed to reduce water accumulation, he is developing a rewarding set of skills.

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    08/12/2010This video showcases the NEWADA (Network of Danube Waterway Administrations) project. Co-funded by the ERDF, it aims to increase cooperation between eight countries on improving infrastructures and developing waterway connections along the Danube – a vital transport corridor linking eastern and western Europe – chiefly by pooling the technical resources of the various river authorities.

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  • Danube Bridge 2

    Danube Bridge 2

    08/12/2010This video showcases the project to construct a bridge linking Calafat (Romania) and Vidin (Bulgaria). Co-funded by the ERDF, from 2011 this new bridge will join what is for now the only bridge between the two countries. The project marks a major advance for both transport and trade between the Balkans and the rest of the European Union.

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