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  • RegioStars Awards 2014

    RegioStars Awards 2014


    EU regional policy helps European regions to advance together.  It boosts economic growth, competitiveness and job creation – by investing billions of Euros each year, in thousands of innovative and ambitious projects throughout Europe. On March 31st, the Regiostars awards will honour 19 finalists, divided in 4 categories, and choose as winners the most inspirational and innovative EU-funded projects across the Member States.


  • LABEL: Vladimir Žák (story)

    LABEL: Vladimir Žák (story)

    01/10/2011This clip shows the work of Vladimir Žák, manager of the Tynec marina in the Czech Republic. Discover how the participation of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) in the LABEL project allowed his marina to come to life and develop through the creation of a flood-plain forest located upstream on the Elbe river.


  • Cross-border cooperation: Flood risk management in the Elbe river basin

    Cross-border cooperation: Flood risk management in the Elbe river basin

    01/10/2011This video takes you on a discovery of the ELLA+LABEL project, a cooperation initiative launched in 2003, with support from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), between the different countries of the Elbe River basin, with the aim of reducing flood risks. The project came about in the wake of the massive floods in 2002 which caused more than 100 deaths and resulted in some €12 billion of damages. Since then, the Central European countries affected by these floods have undertaken widespread cooperation in a bid to ensure that floods of such magnitude never happen again. The prevention mechanisms introduced have also resulted in the creation and development of many SMEs.



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