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  • Spain on the Move

    Spain on the Move


    Spain is a country of contrasts, from its rich cultural heritage to its diverse and beautiful landscape. But not all contrasts are an asset to the country; economic differences remain between Spain’s regions. ‘Spain on the move’ presents the importance of EU Cohesion, -Social and -Structural Funding in fighting unemployment, fostering economic growth and helping all of Spain’s regions reach their full potential.

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  • RegioStars Awards 2014

    RegioStars Awards 2014


    EU regional policy helps European regions to advance together.  It boosts economic growth, competitiveness and job creation – by investing billions of Euros each year, in thousands of innovative and ambitious projects throughout Europe. On March 31st, the Regiostars awards will honour 19 finalists, divided in 4 categories, and choose as winners the most inspirational and innovative EU-funded projects across the Member States.

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  • Smart Specialisation: PLOCAN Oceanic Research Centre on the Canary Islands

    Smart Specialisation: PLOCAN Oceanic Research Centre on the Canary Islands


    The Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean have seen unemployment levels skyrocket after the financial crisis of 2008. The restructuring of economic activity to enhance this remote region's competitiveness is therefore urgent.

    Smart Specialisation has put the focus on the ocean. PLOCAN is a competence centre for marine issues, funded by the EU, and provides an infrastructure for developing cutting edge research and advanced ocean technology. The facility, which comprises of a scientific and an industrial test site offers its users not only data and knowledge on oceanic parameters, but also offers services and facilities like the transport of scientific equipment from origin to PLOCAN, lab space, technicians, support vessels and underwater vehicles.

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  • The taxi driver

    The taxi driver

    07/01/2010José Manuel Ruiz Garcia talks about how regional policy has benefited his work. José Manuel Ruiz Garcia is a taxi driver in Cadiz (Andalusia, Spain). He has experience of the city and its urban traffic from before and after the railway improvement works – the railway now runs below ground. The works in question were funded with the help of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Today, he is able to talk about real mobility in his city while referring back to the difficulties of the past.

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  • Cohesion policy 2000-06: Andalusia, Spain

    Cohesion policy 2000-06: Andalusia, Spain

    01/07/2007This video showcases Cadiz in Andalusia, a city facing severe mobility problems and which benefited from European funds, notably for a project to run below ground a railway line that had previously divided the city literally in half. From 2000 to 2006, EU cohesion policy provided support for 27 Member States, investing over €120 billion in 230 programmes. Launched in 1986, its effectiveness and support for Europe have been proven time and again, particularly in terms of economic growth, jobs and the environment. On top of this success, several improvements and innovations have been introduced to cohesion policy, starting in 2007, opening up the prospect of going further still by 2013.

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