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  • Danubeparks: Mathias Schmidt (story)

    Danubeparks: Mathias Schmidt (story)

    08/12/2010This video profiles Mathias Schmidt, one of the many scientists involved in the Danubeparks project. A native of the Danube region, and now a research assistant in ornithology for Birdlife Austria, he is actively contributing to restoration of the river’s banks. In particular, he spent two years studying two species of birds threatened by the construction of a dyke.

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  • EU Strategy for the Danube Region: Danubeparks

    EU Strategy for the Danube Region: Danubeparks

    08/12/2010This video showcases Danubeparks, a cross-border cooperation project bringing together experts from some eight countries to defend protected zones along the Danube and preserve an ecosystem of 7 000 species threatened by intense river activity.

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  • Danube Bridge 2

    Danube Bridge 2

    08/12/2010This video showcases the project to construct a bridge linking Calafat (Romania) and Vidin (Bulgaria). Co-funded by the ERDF, from 2011 this new bridge will join what is for now the only bridge between the two countries. The project marks a major advance for both transport and trade between the Balkans and the rest of the European Union.

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  • NEWADA: László Szabo (story)

    NEWADA: László Szabo (story)

    08/12/2010This video profiles László Szabo, a customs officer in Mohacs, a small town at the crossroads between Hungary, Serbia and Croatia. Thanks to the NEWADA project, co-financed by the ERDF, he is now able to work in more modern conditions with his Serb and Croat colleagues.

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  • Danube Bridge 2: Mitroi Nicolae Daniel (story)

    Danube Bridge 2: Mitroi Nicolae Daniel (story)

    08/12/2010This video profiles Mitroi Nicolae Daniel, a native of Calafat and responsible for a construction team working on the Calafat-Vidin bridge. He, like many local workers, has found employment that is opening up new perspectives thanks to this project co-funded by the ERDF. As the head of a team responsible for laying the underground pipes that are designed to reduce water accumulation, he is developing a rewarding set of skills.

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    08/12/2010This video showcases the NEWADA (Network of Danube Waterway Administrations) project. Co-funded by the ERDF, it aims to increase cooperation between eight countries on improving infrastructures and developing waterway connections along the Danube – a vital transport corridor linking eastern and western Europe – chiefly by pooling the technical resources of the various river authorities.

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  • EU Strategy for the Danube Region

    EU Strategy for the Danube Region

    01/12/2010This video showcases the European Strategy for the Danube Region and highlights a whole series of promising projects in regional key areas such as transport, energy, the environment, security, and socio-economic development.

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