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  • RegioStars Awards 2014

    RegioStars Awards 2014


    EU regional policy helps European regions to advance together.  It boosts economic growth, competitiveness and job creation – by investing billions of Euros each year, in thousands of innovative and ambitious projects throughout Europe. On March 31st, the Regiostars awards will honour 19 finalists, divided in 4 categories, and choose as winners the most inspirational and innovative EU-funded projects across the Member States.

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  • EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region - Cooperating together for our region

    EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region - Cooperating together for our region


    Counting 8 EU countries and 85 million inhabitants, the Baltic Sea region faces common environmental, economic and social challenges which can only be met by working together. This short video explains how, since 2009, the European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region strives to shape this area into a regional cooperation model for the whole EU, addressing common challenges and opportunities to save the sea, connect the region and increase prosperity.

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  • Samsø energy academy, Samsø island, Denmark

    Samsø energy academy, Samsø island, Denmark

    04/01/2010This film is part of a series of four reports (Lithuania, Sweden, Denmark, Finland) produced within the framework of launching the EU strategy for the Baltic Sea. They present projects co-funded by the European Commission under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Samsø island, which enjoys 100% energy autonomy, today expects to become a source of inspiration for other regions. This determination is epitomised notably by its energy academy, which opened in summer 2006. With ERDF support, the academy aims to demonstrate that it is possible to ally new energy practices and economic viability. The academy is working to raise public awareness while also encouraging scientific research in the field of new sources of energy.

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