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The outermost regions

  • Comic book "Partners"

    Comic book


    The Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy has just published a brand new comic book called ’Partners’ which aims at presenting Regional and Urban Policy through six stories designed to appeal to a young audience. The themes covered in this album are Research & Innovation, Urban Development, Environment, Support to SMEs, Social Inclusion, ICT, Cooperation between regions, Transport, Solidarity between regions in case of natural disasters, etc. These slices of life and stories of men and women were inspired by real EU-funded projects that illustrate the European Union’s contribution to reducing differences in standards of living and supporting the regions in their development.
    This comic is available in FR, EN and NL and can be ordered via EU Bookshop

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  • RegioStars Awards 2011 (CIVITAS) (story)

    RegioStars Awards 2011 (CIVITAS) (story)

    23/06/2011In this video portrait, Eugenia Vasconcelos, a native and resident of Funchal, explains how the introduction of a bus route near her home has changed her life. Today, at nearly 80 years of age, she is rediscovering the freedom she had as a teenager: going out, moving around, getting together with other people, and so on. This achievement falls within the framework of an innovative and sustainable mobility policy implemented by the local authorities and given direct support by the EU.

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  • RegioStars Awards 2011: CIVITAS

    RegioStars Awards 2011: CIVITAS

    23/06/2011This video presents the different initiatives in Funchal, the capital of Madeira, implemented by the local authorities with support from EU Regional Policy in relation to innovative and sustainable mobility. By encouraging the use of cleaner transport modes and practices, this action is aimed at both the region’s inhabitants and, above all, at tourists, who are key actors in the development of the local economy. The CIVITAS initiative is being co-funded by the EU’s European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) as part of EU Regional Policy aid for transport infrastructures.

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  • The Outermost Regions

    The Outermost Regions

    28/05/2008This video showcases the EU’s seven outermost regions, their specific features, and the challenges they face. Europe has seven outermost regions: the four overseas departments of France (French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Réunion), two Portuguese autonomous regions (Azores, Madeira) and a Spanish autonomous community (Canary Islands).

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