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  • Cooperating together for our region

    Cooperating together for our region


    Counting 8 EU countries and 85 million inhabitants, the Baltic Sea region faces common environmental, economic and social challenges which can only be met by working together. This short video explains how, since 2009, the European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region strives to shape this area into a regional cooperation model for the whole EU, addressing common challenges and opportunities to save the sea, connect the region and increase prosperity.

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  • Restoration of the Baltic Sea coastline (Klaipėda)

    Restoration of the Baltic Sea coastline (Klaipėda)

    27/04/2010This film is part of a series of four reports (Lithuania, Sweden, Denmark, Finland) produced within the framework of launching the EU strategy for the Baltic Sea. They present projects co-funded by the European Commission under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Developing a local economy based essentially on tourism, while at the same time preserving the area’s natural resources, represents one of the main challenges facing the Lithuanian coast. Through the “Promoting Cohesion” Operational Programme (implemented under the ERDF), the Kuršių Nerija National Park has been able to finance work to reinforce sand dunes and stabilise the coast.

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  • RegioStars 2010: Computer-Literacy

    RegioStars 2010: Computer-Literacy

    05/01/2010This video showcases the RegioStars 2010 winning project in the “ICT applications for e-inclusion” category. The “Window to the future” association, which was founded in 2002 and is based in Vilnius, brings together a group of businesses, banks and enterprises specialising in telecommunications and information technologies. Its aim is to provide training, establish public internet access points and stimulate the growth of e-services, not to mention improve computer literacy potential. The main target groups have been seniors, the disabled and people living in remote regions with limited access to digital services: in total, 50 400 adults have completed training courses over a two-year period.

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  • RegioStars 2010: Computer literacy (story)

    RegioStars 2010: Computer literacy (story)

    05/01/2010Profile of Edvardas Gurčinas, a former engineer who lives in the Vilnius region. This video was produced as part of the “Computer Literacy” project, a RegioStars 2010 winner in the “ICT applications for e-inclusion” category.

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