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Urban Issues at stake

Under the series of themes in the menu, you will find an inventory of various programmes and initiatives which have an urban dimension (some of which funded by the European Commission). A link to the relevant web addresses on Europa or beyond is provided under each entry. In addition, some recommended links are provided to European associations or research consortia.

International cooperation

EU-China Urbanisation Partnership; EU-China Mayors Forum

On 14 February 2012, at the 7th EU-China Summit held in Beijing, leaders endorsed the EU-China Partnership on Sustainable Urbanisation. Its objectives include improving the functionality and attractiveness of Chinese cities, together with more efficient use of energy in urban settings. The annual flagship event is the EU-China Mayors Forum bringing together EU and Chinese mayors. 14 Chinese mayors have signed the ‘EU-China Mayors Charter’ with an equivalent number of EU counterparts.

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Urban Development cooperation, policy and funding overview

The European Commission is assisting partner countries around the world in their efforts to tackle the intricate challenges raised by urban growth. This support, which promotes a cross-cutting and long-term approach, takes the form of funding and expertise. It focuses primarily on urban planning and governance, disaster risk prevention and mitigation, slum rehabilitation, solid waste management, sanitation, cultural heritage preservation, and the rehabilitation and reconstruction of public infrastructure.


URBELAC is a joint initiative between the European Commission and the Inter-American Development Bank. The activities of this initiative rest on the common interest shared by the Inter-American Development Bank and the European Commission in supporting national and local governments in facing the new challenge of combining social cohesion and urban productivity, in front to the increasing urban growth and the centrality of cities in the development processes. All activities follow the objective of not only exchanging experiences, but also of creating real projects on the ground. Cities from Europe and from Latin and Southern America share their experience through site visits and study seminars and design and implement Local Action Plans which evolve from there (Latin-America only).

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