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Urban Issues at stake

Under the series of themes in the menu, you will find an inventory of the various programmes and initiatives which are funded by the European Commission and which have an urban dimension. A link to the relevant web addresses on Europa or beyond is provided under each entry. In addition, some recommended links are provided to European associations or research consortia.

Resilience in cities

EU Adaptation Strategy

Adaptation Strategies for European Cities

The effects of climate change will have far-reaching consequences across Europe, and adaptation is needed to protect people, buildings, infrastructure, businesses and ecosystems. In April 2013, the European Commission adopted its first ‘EU strategy on adaptation to climate change’, which aims to make Europe more climate-resilient

Urban areas are particularly sensitive to climate impacts, especially to heatwaves, flooding and droughts. Typically urban phenomena (such as the ‘urban heat island effect’ – where the urban area is significantly warmer than the surrounding rural areas because of human activity) and the impacts of extreme weather events (e.g. the flooding of the drainage system in Copenhagen in 2011) demonstrate the high vulnerability of cities. Specific urban adaptation strategies are therefore needed to make cities more resilient to climate change.

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Central portal for information on adaptation to climate change

The European Climate Adaptation Platform (CLIMATE-ADAPT) is an EU initiative to help users to access and share information on: expected climate change in Europe; current and future vulnerability of regions and sectors; local, national and transnational adaptation strategies; adaptation case studies and potential adaptation options and tools that support adaptation planning.

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Mayors Adapt

Mayors Adapt is a Commission's initiative that informs, mobilises and supports local authorities to adapt infrastructure and policies to climate impacts. This initiative is launched in the context of the EU Adaptation Strategy and is implemented within the Covenant of Mayors, the flagship European initiative for cities to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

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