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Urban Issues at stake

Under the series of themes in the menu, you will find an inventory of the various programmes and initiatives which are funded by the European Commission and which have an urban dimension. A link to the relevant web addresses on Europa or beyond is provided under each entry. In addition, some recommended links are provided to European associations or research consortia.

CiTIEs - Cities of Tomorrow: Investing in Europe

More than two thirds of EU citizens live in urban areas – but does policy making in the EU reflect the realities of today's Europe? As calls grow for an EU Urban Agenda, the European Commission hosted a main forum and a series of side events to debate how Member States and EU institutions should work together to ensure that cities play their full role in European development – and that their needs are fully reflected in policy thinking.

"CiTIEs - Cities of Tomorrow: Investing in Europe" provided a forum to shape a debate that matters to all of us.
You can listen to presentations through the links provided in the agenda.

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