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Structural Funds - Computerised monitoring systems
and electronic data exchange

The Commission has developed a Structural Funds common (SFC) database that serves as unique reference for the actions of the different Funds in the 2000-2006 programming period. It enables direct interactive update and consultation by the Commission's Directorates-General and by the Member States. The data are defined by the content of the Vademecum for Structural Funds Plans and Programmes. The following documents have been distributed during the experts meeting on 22/23 June 2000 in Brussles.

Commission documents

Procedure for the installation for the SPC application for interactive access to the common atabase zip EN
Communication to the Member States : EN, FR
Slide presentation of the Structural Funds Common (SFC) database : ppt EN
Slide presentation of the File interface: ppt EN
Guide for the consultation and the update of the Community Structural Funds database:
SFC application manual: EN & tables zip EN
SFC request for access Form: EN, FR
File interface specifications : zip EN

Member State presentations

Presentation: EN
Management summary : DE, EN

Belgium (Walloon region)
Presentation: ppt FR
Management summary: DE, EN, FR

Presentation: ppt ES
Management summary: ES, EN

Management summary: DE, EN, FI

Presentation: ppt FR

Presentation: DE

Presentation: ppt EN
Management summary : EN

Presentation: ppt EN
Management summary : DE, EN, FR

Presentation: ppt EN

Presentation: ppt EN
Management summary : DE, EN, FR, PT

Management summary : DE, EN, FR, SV
ESF specific : EN


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