Commission' Guidance Documents


EVALSED is the online and interactive tool for the evaluation of socio-economic development. It has been developed for the European Commission by experts in evaluation in order to promote and improve the practice of evaluation in the European Union. This online tool consists of two parts:

  • Guide to socio economic development (new PDF downloadable version) pdf en
  • Sourcebooks

Guide to Cost benefit analysis

Guide to cost-benefit analysis of investment projects Published by DG Regional Policy in 2008 pdf ennew


Commission' Guidance Documents

2007-2013 :

Working Documents

  • Regions 2020: An Assessment of Future Challenges for EU Regions - November 2008 pdf deenfr
  • Fostering the urban dimension: Analysis of the Operational Programmes co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (2007-2013) - November 2008 pdf deenfr
  • Innovation in the national strategic reference frameworks (working document) - October 2006 pdf en

Other Guidance Documents

  • The Smart Guide to Innovation Based Incubators (IBI) - February 2010 pdf en - 20 Case studies pdf ennew
  • Working Document No 1: Indicative Guidelines on Evaluation Methods: Ex-Ante Evaluation pdf deenfr
  • Working Document No 2: Indicative Guidelines on Evaluation Methods: Monitoring and Evaluation Indicators pdf deenfr
  • Working Document No 3: Commission Methodological Paper giving guidelines on the calculation of public or equivalent structural spending for the purpose of additionality pdf deenfr
  • Working Document No 4: Guidance on the Methodology for carrying out Cost-Benefit Analysis: pdf bg csdadeelenesetfifrhuitlt lvnlmtplptro sk slsv
  • Working Document No 5: Indicative Guidelines on Evaluation Methods : Evaluation during the Programming Period pdf deenfr
  • Working document No 7: "Reporting on core indicators for ERDF and Cohesion Fund"pdf de en frnew
  • Guide to cost-benefit analysis of investment projects
    Published by DG Regional Policy in 2008 pdf en
    EVALSED: The updated guide for the evaluation of Socio-Economic Development pdf en
  • Handbook on SEA (Strategic Environmental Assesment) for Cohesion Policy 2007-2013: pdf en
  • Innovative strategies and actions: Results from 15 Years of Regional Experimentation pdf deenfr
  • Checklist Water and Waste Major projects (20/11/09) pdf en



Working Documents:

Other Guidance Documents:

  • Vademecum for URBAN II Programmes
  • Application of the “n+2” rule pdf en
    2002: pdf dadeelenesfifritnlptsv (~ 35KB)
    2003 : pdf deenfr
  • Guidelines on Criteria and Modalities of Implementation of Structural Funds in Support of Electronic Communications pdf deenfr



  • Technical assistance
  • COMMISSION WORKING DOCUMENT (February 2004)- Application of Article 151(4) of the EC Treaty: use of the Structural Funds in the field of culture during the period 1994-1999 pdf en (75KB) - pdf fr (75KB) + annexe pdf fr (1,5MB)
  • Understanding and Monitoring the Cost-Determining Factors of Infrastructure Projects (April 1998)
    pdf deelenesfritpt (110KB)
  • Measuring Job Creation – Methods for the Evaluation of the Employment Effects of Structural Fund Interventions (January 1997)
    pdf deenfr (scanned version 600KB)

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