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7/ 10

News from the Member States

Water, a media star

The regional development projects part-financed by the Member States and the European Union have a direct impact on people's living conditions. So that people are made aware of them and to ensure the transparent management of financial resources, these measures must have a higher public profile. It is primarily for this reason that regional development programmes have to be covered by information campaigns. Some of the budget for Structural Funds programmes is, moreover, reserved for this purpose. In Italy, the measures to improve the water resources of the Mezzogiorno (Water Resources Programme) are accompanied by a broad range of information measures.


The Italian Ministry of Public Works started by drawing up a communications plan on the basis of studies undertaken by a private consultant. It then worked on the design and management of an Internet-Site entirely devoted to the programme.


Sitio RisorseIdriche

The site contains a list of contacts and details of the advancement of the various projects of the Water Resources Programme. To accompany the programme's publication in full on the website, a summary was also published in a specific booklet.

The Ministry of Public Works initiated a broad information campaign at the start of the programme. It targeted in particular the daily papers and the specialist press. The calls for tender for the various projects also appeared in the press.

Programma Operativo Risorse Idriche

Audio-visual material was also produced: a scenario based on a well-known Hitchcock film raised awareness about wasting water among the general public. Regional seminars are currently underway in the regions covered by the programmes.

The Ministry also arranged to take part in nation-wide events, such as the public Communications Fair or the Information Technology Fair. A large number of booklets and informative folders were handed out at these events.


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