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Inforegio Panorama

The quarterly magazine of the actors of regional development

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Showcasing action at local level

Guy Crauser

Regional Policy enables the European Union to stay in direct contact with the citizens. What could be more visible, or indeed concrete, than the construction of basic infrastructures such as hospitals, roads or sewage plants, which provide a better quality of life for everyone?

What could be more contemporary than the creation of a genuine information society through the modernisation of telecommunications and generalised access to the tools of the new economy ?


Yet the success of this regional policy depends largely on the local actors - national, regional or local authorities as well as economic and social partners.

This quarterly magazine aims to provide the local actors with a forum where they can exchange experience, opinions, ideas and innovative approaches. It will turn a spotlight on their action at local level and should contribute to a more efficient use of the Structural Funds.

Guy Crauser
Director-General for Regional Policy


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