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April 2001

The quarterly magazine of the actors of regional development

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News from the Member States
Working together for Scotland

With the initiative "Working together for Scotland: A Programme for Government" the Scottish Executive has vowed to work together with public and private organisations, local government, the UK Government, and the European Union in building a Scotland based on social justice.

In July 1999, with the introduction of devolution for Scotland, the new Scottish Parliament took on responsibility for a number of policy areas previously handled at the United Kingdom level. Consequently, the Scottish Parliament became responsible for implementing in Scotland the rural development policies of the European Structural Funds.

A number of initiatives were instigated by the new Scottish Executive (the devolved administration in Scotland) to review past practice and to introduce new measures to enhance Scotland's role and profile in a number of key policy areas. One of the areas targeted was the European Structural Fund administration, where Scotland already had its own system of administration through Programme Management Executives.

A Communications Strategy

As recommended by the Commission, Scottish Ministers drew up a Communications and Publicity Strategy to provide a framework for implementing information and publicity measures for the programmes of the European Structural Funds. The strategy was drafted in consultation with the key partner organisations to convey the aims and objectives of the regulation that would govern the implementation process of the Funds programmes in Scotland.   Europe and Scotland - Making it Work Together

Beyond attributing the roles to various organisations for the implementation of EU programmes, the Scottish Executive also took the opportunity to include in the strategy a number of additional measures to reflect the new Scottish political dimension. This included reforming and reorganising the administration of Structural Funds in Scotland and adopting a new Scottish style EC logo. This part of the strategy reflected the desire of Scottish Ministers to raise Scotland's profile on the European scene by introducing a new logo based on the European flag to promote the concept of "Europe and Scotland - Making it Work Together." The logo is intended for use to publicise the Structural Funds and individual EU assisted projects.

Beyond promoting Scotland's profile externally, many efforts have been made to increase the transparency of its policies internally. To this end the Scottish Executive has adopted new communication tools and now makes use of its website to communicate with Scotland's citizens. In such a way, the user's guide for the logo, the details of EU programmes, other policy objectives and their results are available via the web. Furthermore, the text concerning the logo is also available in Gaelic. Gaelic is Scotland's second language and is spoken widely in the Highlands & Islands, an area which is covered by the Highlands & Islands Transitional Objective 1 Programme.

The European Commission has welcomed the innovative way in which Scotland proposed to publicise the Structural Funds and highlighted the close working arrangement between Scotland and Europe.

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