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Thematic Evaluation of the Impact of Structural Funds on Transport Infrastructures (november 2000)

The Study objective is to establish a review and analysis of the Structural funds for transport in the "Objective 1" regions of the following countries: Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Italy and Germany. Specifically, the study includes the following components:

  • review of the structural and cohesion fund interventions by county, mode and funding source;
  • analysis of the effectiveness of these interventions in terms of their impact on the improvements to journey times and capacities and economic development;
  • analysis of " best practise "; and
  • recommendations for future priorities both in general and country-specific terms.

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The report

Text & additional figures

Country reports :

Germany - Greece (+ figures) - Ireland (+ figures) - Italy (+ figures) - Portugal (+ figures) - Spain (+ figures)

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