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Seville conference

16-17 March 1998
Séville (Spain)

Group 1 - The Theme of Evaluation

Session 1.1 Employment

Chairperson : European Commission
Discussant : Frieder NASCHOLD

  • Stefan RENLUND, EN, National Board for Industrial and Technical Development, Sweden : "Objective 2 Sweden: Lessons to be learnt from intermediate evaluations in Sweden"
  • Fouli PAPAGEORGIOU, EN, PRISMA, Greece : "Evaluation of innovation as a process and outcome of Community initiatives: Findings from the on-going evaluation of ADAPT in Greece"
  • Antonio OLIVEIRA DAS NEVES, EN IESE, Portugal : "Pessoa Programme: the contribution of Structural Funds to Human Resources Qualification in Portugal - an Essay of Evaluation"

Session 1.2 Training /Integration

Chairperson : European Commission
Discussant : Elliott STERN

  • Arne SVENSSON, EN, Professional Management AB, Sweden: "Intermediate Evaluation of Objective 3 in Sweden"
  • Laurie RUSSELL, EN, Strathclyde European Partnership, and Ivan TUROK, University of Glasgow, Scotland: "Evaluating Community Economic Development: the Experience of Western Scotland"
  • Robert ARNKIL, EN, Social Development Co., Finland: "Developing ESF Evaluation: Taking different Welfare State regimes, Local Initiative and 'Next Generation Evaluation' better into Account in ESF evaluation"

Session 1.3 Businesses

Chairperson : European Commission
Discussant : Massimo FLORIO

  • José BELIS MARCOS, Juan REQUEJO LIBERAL, ES, Arenal Grupo Consulto S.L., Spain : " Intermediate Evaluation of Overall Subsidies in Andalusia, 1994-1999 "
  • Elizabeth WILLIAMSON, EN, The Scottish Office, Scotland: "Thematic Evaluations of Business Development Measures contained in Structural Funds Programme in Scotland"

Session 1.4 Inter-Regional

Chairperson : Lanfranco SENN
Discussant : Jacques TOULEMONDE

  • Ruggero SCHLEICHER-TAPPESER, EN, Institut für regionale Studien in Europa, Germany: "Participative Intermediate Evaluation of INTERREG programmes on the Upper Rhine"
  • Bernard REVERDY, Bernard Reverdy Consultants, France: "Co-opération between European Regions to Improve Evaluation Capacity"

Group 2 - The Function of Evaluation

Session 2.1 Improving Monitoring and Management (1)

Chairperson : European Commission
Discussant : Massimo FLORIO

  • Ana CIRERA, ES, Seville Regional Development Institute, Spain : "Analysis of the Evaluability of the Operational Programme in Andalusia"
  • Manuela CRESCINI, EN, RESCO, Italy: "The evaluation of Objectives 2 and 5b in the Tuscany region"

Session 2.2 Improving Monitoring and Management (2)

Chairperson : Juan CUADRADO-ROURA
Discussant : Frieder NASCHOLD

  • Aviana BULGARELLI, EN, ISFOL, Italy: "Impact of Retraining Schemes for the Long-term Unemployed Co-financed by the European Social Fund"
  • Dimitri ECONOMOU, EN, University of Thessaly, Greece "The intermediate evaluation of the 2nd Regional Operational programme of Thessaly"

Session 2.3 Assisting Reprogramming

Chairperson : European Commission
Discussant : José Luis OSUNA

  • Matilda MAS, ES, University of Valencia and IVIE, Spain : "An Efficiency Analysis Approach : Application to the Intermediate Evaluation of the ERDF Operational Programme of the Valencia Region (1994-99)"
  • Pierre DAUCE, FR, Ecole Nationale Supérieure Agronomique, France: "Usefulness and limits of the evaluation of European Structural Policies : Example of the Burgundy Objective 5b Programmes (1991-1993 and 1994-1999)"

Session 2.4 Accountability

Chairperson : Claude SEIBEL
Discussant : Jacques TOULEMONDE

  • Maurice BASLE, FR, Faculté des Sciences Economiques de Rennes, France: "Regional Training and Integration Policy for Adult Job Seekers : Account of a Quantitative and Qualitative Ex Post Evaluation and Presentation of Lessons drawn from Evaluation"
  • Ida NICAISE, FR, HIVA Leuven, Belgique: "Employment and Training for the Disadvantaged : Transforming Social Security Payments into Subsidies for Socio-Professional Integration Projects for Minimex Beneficiaries in Belgium"

Group 3 - The Users of Evaluation

Session 3.1 Local and Regional Levels

Chairperson : European Commission
Discussant : Frieder NASCHOLD

  • Kathleen TOEPEL, EN, German Institute for Economic Research, Germany: " Evaluation of Competition-Based Models In Regional Policy - the case of the Regional Programme for Rural Areas in Schleswig-Holstein (objective 5b) "
  • Günter TISSEN and Helmut SCHRADER, EN, Institute of Structural Research, Germany: " Importance of Measure as Part of the Evaluation Approach "
  • Harvey ARMSTRONG, EN, University of Sheffield, England: " Thematic Evaluation of the 1994-96 Yorkshire and Humber Objective 2 SPD "

Session 3.2 Regional Level

Chairperson : Pieter VAN RUN
Discussant : Massimo FLORIO

  • Henri CAPRON, FR, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium : " Modelling and Evaluation of Impacts : Experience of the Hainaut Objective 1 RDP in Belgium "
  • Frank SCHARR, EN, IFO Institut, Germany: " European Regional Development Fund Objective 1 Interventions in Thuringia, Germany - Intermediate Evaluation for the period 1994 to 1996 "
  • Erwin SEYFRIED, EN, FHVR Berlin, Germany, " Methodological and category-related aspects of the summarizing mid-term evaluation (1994-1996) of the ESF co-financed interventions of the Federal Government and Länder in the German objective 1 regions "

Session 3.3 National Level

Chairperson : European Commission
Discussant : Jacques TOULEMONDE

  • David HEGARTY, EN, CSF Evaluation Unit, Ireland: " Mid-term Evaluation of the CSF for Ireland"
  • Hakan PETTERSON, EN, National Board for Industrial Technical Development, Sweden: " Case proposal - Objective 6 in Sweden "
  • Gaëlle RIQUIER et Gilles Laurent RAYSSAC, FR, Ten Conseil, France " The Intermediate Evaluation of Objective 4 of the Structural Funds in France "

Session 3.4 National and European Levels

Chairperson : European Commission
Discussant : Elliott STERN

  • Jean-Claude BARBIER, FR, Centre d'Etudes de l'Emploi, France : " The Evaluation of Objective 3 of the ESF in France "
  • Jack MALAN, EN, Ernst & Young, United Kingdom : " Translating Theory into Practice: Lessons from the ex post evaluation of the 1989-93 Objective 2 Programmes "

Plenary Session Presentation of Outstanding Practices

Session chaired by Jean LECA
Presentation of 5 to 10 evaluations which include an outstanding element. This presentation will be made by the discussants of sessions 1.1 to 3.4 : Massimo FLORIO, José Luis OSUNA, Frieder NASCHOLD, Elliott STERN, Jacques TOULEMONDE. With the participation of the clients of the evaluations presented.


Session chaired by : Elisabeth HELANDER, Director DG XVI

  • Eric MONNIER, C3E, " The State of Structural Fund Evaluation Practice in the Fifteen Members States : Results from a Survey of the MEANS Programme. "
  • Guest Speaker - Leading Spanish Politician
  • Eneko LANDABURU, General Director of Regional Policy, European Commission


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