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Managing structural funds in the future :
which division of responsibilities ?

Brussels, 3 and 4 March 2003

The promotion of development by means of public investment with the support of the Structural Funds since 1989 has led to a mutual apprenticeship for Member States, the regions, local authorities, economic and social partners and the Commission.

Being a policy with shared responsibilities, the management of the Structural Funds comes mainly within the actual responsibility of the Member States at national and regional level. However, because of Article 274 of the Treaty, the Commission alone is ultimately responsible for the performance of the budget and the proper management of the Structural Funds.

The 1999 reform clearly strengthened decentralization but, on the other hand, strengthened the Commission's ultimate control.

The current system is based on uniform rules which apply to all Member States. However, it is apparent that there are in fact different practices linked to different political and administrative situations. De Facto differentiation has become established under the cover of uniform rules.

Enlargement will see the arrival of Member States with administrative and financial structures and methods which are very different from those of the current Member States.

It is necessary to give some unbiased thought to the future management of the Structural Funds and to the division of responsibilities as from 2007.

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Discussion session:

Theme 1 : « What division of responsibilities between Commission, Member
States and the regions ? »
Bruno Dente ppt- Andrew Bayer ppt

Theme 2 : « A uniform or differentiated system? »
Georg Schadt pdf - Henri Malossepdf - John Bachtler pdf

Theme 3 : « What implementation method ? »
Herta Tödtling pdf - Maike Richter pdf - Christer Christensenpdf


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