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"Towards a Knowledge Society -
The Nordic Experience"
November 14-15

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About the Conference

The aim of the Conference is to contribute to one of the most pressing challenges currently faced by the European Union: to create a “high productivity, high value-added, high employment economy” using public funding, particularly EU Structural and other funds.

First Day
Plenary session in which leaders from the Nordic countries and the European Commission present the policies, funding and the structures that they perceive as having been central in achieving success towards becoming knowledge-driven economies. This will be followed by parallel discussions on three themes, namely:
  • partnerships for ICT development;
  • development and usage of innovative clusters;
  • eGovernment – modernisation and innovation in the public sector to strengthen the knowledge economy;
The afternoon will be dedicated to study visits to the projects in the region that illustrate the approach of the Nordic countries relevant to the selected themes.

Second Day
In the morning, leading edge examples will be presented and discussed. Scenarios for each of the parallel themes will be considered, in particular how the evolution towards knowledge economies can be fostered and funded and how a sustainable cross-border co-operation enhanced. A plenary session ends the Conference by presenting the conclusions reached. This is followed by a panel discussion that addresses how public funding, in particular EU Structural and RTD Funds, might support better national and regional efforts to upgrade competitiveness.

The programme can be found here