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Na týchto stránkach nájdete všetky súťažné podklady k výzvam na predkladanie ponúk v otvorenom konaní, ktoré vydalo Generálne riaditeľstvo pre regionálnu politiku.

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Záujemcovia by mali pravidelne sledovať tieto stránky a zverejňované dokumenty.

Informácie o všetkých výzvach na predkladanie ponúk v Európskej únii sú k dispozícii v 24 úradných jazykoch EÚ na internetovej lokalite TED (Tenders Electronic Daily).

Zoznam výziev na predkladanie ponúk

No 2017.CE.16.BAT.025 – Belgicko-Brusel: Externé zabezpečenie prípravy ročných súhrnov údajov o finančných nástrojoch s podporou z EFRR a K

Official Journal of the European Union: 2017/S 053-097330 ( 20/03/2017 )

Contract Notice PDF File en

Corrigendum ( 21/03/2017 ) - Contract notice: Official Journal of the European Union: 2017/S 056-103041

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Declaration of honour DOC File en

Question 1.

Concerning 4.2.4 - Technical and professional capacity criteria and evidence, A. Criteria relating to tenderers. In the Terms of Reference is stated that this evidence must be provided only on request. Does this mean that the project references and statements issued by clients are not necessary in the tender?


As indicated under point 4.2.1 of the tender specifications, the contracting authority shall evaluate the selection criteria on the basis of the declaration on honour. However, it reserves the right to require the evidence mentioned under point 4.2 "selection criteria" (including in point 4.2.4).

This means that the evidence does not have to be provided at this stage; it should however be available at the request of the Commission at any moment of the procurement procedure.

The text reads as follows:
The Contracting Authority will evaluate selection criteria on the basis of the declarations on honour. Nevertheless, it reserves the right to require evidence of the legal and regulatory, financial and economic and technical and professional capacity of the tenderers at any time during the procurement procedure and contract performance. In such case the tenderer must provide the requested evidence without delay. The Contracting Authority may reject the tender if the requested evidence is not provided in due time.

After contract award, the successful tenderer will be required to provide the evidence mentioned below before signature of the contract and within a deadline given by the contracting authority. This requirement applies to each member of the group in case of joint tender and to subcontractors whose capacity is necessary to fulfil the selection criteria.

A tenderer (or a member of the group in case of joint tender, or a subcontractor) is not required to submit the documentary evidence if it has already been submitted for another procurement procedure and provided the documents were issued not more than one year before the date of their request by the contracting authority and are still valid at that date. In such cases, the tenderer must declare on its honour that the documentary evidence has already been provided in a previous procurement procedure, indicate the reference of the procedure and confirm that that there has been no change in its situation.

Question 2.

Shall the contractor expect to receive all necessary documents and information provided by managing authorities listed in footnote 7 on page 9 of the specifications such as: funding agreements, information about commitments and loans provided, etc. or the data is publicly available and it’s the contractor’s role to research it?


All data necessary to perform the plausibility check mentioned in footnote 7 page 9 will be provided as input by the Contracting authority as specified in section 2.5.

Question 3.

There are no specific requirements about the pricing or template of financial offer - shall the price be for one year or for the whole period. Shall we provide information about daily and unit rates of all elements of the price?


The maximum volume of the contract is 300 000 EUR (lump sum, including fees, travel expenses and other costs) and covers totality of deliverables for the whole duration of the contract. Estimated value excluding VAT: 300 000 EUR.

Question 4.

With reference to the database of FI data year by year progressively - do you have specific requirements for the format of the database? Is it convenient for you if the database is converted into .xls or xml format. Would you prefer if you are given access to a specific software solution?


All data and graphs used in the reports should be submitted to the Commission separately and need to be provided in MS Excel format or equivalent application compatible with MS Office.

Question 5.

We have a question regarding the selection criteria and the evidence that must be provided upon request. It is stated that "The project references indicated below consist in a list of relevant services provided in the past three years, with the sums, dates and clients, public or private, accompanied by statements issued by the clients."

For some of our completed projects we have no such statements. Given that the remaining time may not allow us to obtain such statements in time, could we provide instead, when and if asked, copies of the final invoices and proof of their payment?


Please see reply to question 1.

Question 6.

We understand, as per Clause 2.9. Par. 1 of the Tender Specifications Document, that all the different deliverables shall be submitted in the English language, while French and German versions have to be provided for the Executive Summary and Abstract only. Could the Contracting Authority please clarify whether demonstrable capability in the French and/or German language is also mandatory for Clause 4.2.4: "Technical and professional capacity criteria and evidence", and whether evidence of past projects delivered in the English language only is sufficient.


In section 2.9 in sub-paragraph 3 we indicate that "All the different deliverables will be submitted in English in an easily accessible style. French and German versions have to be provided for the Executive summary and the abstract only."

The tender should demonstrate the ability to provide the requested publishable executive summary and abstract also in French and German.

In clause 4.2.4, the criterion and evidence A3 should read:

  • "- Criterion 3: The tenderer must prove capacity to draft reports in English, French and German.
  • Evidence A3: the tenderer must provide one document of at least 10 pages (report, study, etc.) in these languages that it has drafted and published or delivered to a client in the last two years. The verification will be carried out on 5 pages of the document. "

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