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New face of rail travel in Campania

Campania, Italy

With some 3.5 million people living in and around Naples, frequent, hassle-free and comfortable rail travel has become a priority for Campania. The Regional Metro System (RMS) project addresses this priority, incorporating sustainable mobility and environmentally friendly solutions. Following investments in the integrated use of land, infrastructure and operations, the region is now reaping the rewards, with new stations, better connections, extended lines and revamped surroundings.

Artistic creations feature in many of the revamped metro stations in Naples Artistic creations feature in many of the revamped metro stations in Naples

“Metro Line 1 is a great infrastructure born to resolve the problems of city mobility. With a ring route 27 km in length and with 28 stations, the line connects the city’s nerve centres: the suburbs, the residential areas, the historic centre, the port, the railway station, the administrative centre and the airport.”
Giannegidio Silva, President M.N. Metropolitana di Napoli S.p.A.

Campania’s rail network is undergoing a comprehensive makeover, with more harmonised timetables and pricing making rail travel and connecting bus journeys that much smoother.  A total of 69 new trains and 1 250 new buses will contribute to the integrated network. Town planning also plays a visible role in the project, incorporating architectural design and bringing new symbolic values to stations.

Rail renaissance

Italy is synonymous with renowned artists and painters - Donatello, Caravaggio, Botticelli, to name just a few. It is therefore no surprise to find creativity a key feature of the RMS project, with novel, fresh and inspiring designs being used for rail stations and their surroundings. Striking examples of this can be seen in the stations of S. Rosa, Dante, Municipio and Duomo (the latter under construction).

The before and after images of areas upgraded show how effective funds have been, not only for the viewing pleasure and comfort of passengers and workers, but also for the long-term growth and development of the region.

Buses and trains follow the same map

Away from the facades and foyers of the new look stations, travellers also benefit from new trains and buses. The buses come in 12 different types, are equipped with an integrated information system and more environmentally friendly. Some 171 will run on methane, another 22 on electricity. The new timetable and network map have also been harmonised, making it easier for passengers to plan their journeys.

Greater travel, greener roads

The RMS has already seen 43 km of new railways built, the Metro system of Naples some 66 km. The region of Campania is also now home to 59 new/renewed stations.
Passenger numbers are up in the railway network of Naples, with 75% growth recorded between 2000 and 2007. The environment also benefits, with a 22% reduction in car emissions of PM10 (particles measuring 10 micrometers or less) recorded in Naples between 2000 and 2005.


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