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Cerdanya Hospital

In response to the need for quality general health services and also urban development, the European Commission has supported this project to build a cross-border hospital in North Catalonia. The ERDF contribution amounts to €18.6 million, 60% of the total cost of €31 million. The project is currently in progress.

Priority areas

Cerdanya’s Cross-border Hospital is a pioneering project, the first health centre in Europe to provide care for populations on both sides of a border. The hospital will serve both the Catalan and French sides of the  regions of Cerdanya and Capcir (France). 

The new centre will significantly improve the healthcare provision of this border area, which, owing to its location in the mountains, suffers from accessibility problems. The hospital will cater for a permanent population of 30 000, as well as influxes of over 100 000 more during holiday seasons. Until now, residents of Cerdanya and Capcir had no facility for acute care or surgical treatment within their territory. They also had no access to obstetric care. These issues will be resolved with the opening of the centre, scheduled for 2012.  The hospital will have 68 beds and will be able to treat up to 35 000 people a year.

In more concrete terms, the project’s key aims are to:

  • improve access to healthcare for people in  Cerdanya and Capcir, by removing barriers;
  • jointly set up a cross-border organisation to construct and manage the complex which is designed to provide acute care to  patients during short stays;
  • integrate the two regional healthcare systems;
  • establish a hospital that makes setting up a cross-border health network possible;
  • ensure a special governance and management structure that respects the identity characteristics of both sides of the border;
  • integrate the project in the Euroregion and take account of future European issues such as the ageing population and ageing health workers, notably attracting and retaining the latter.

Technical information



Total Investment

EUR 31 000 000

EU Investment

EUR18 600 000


Departament de Salut de la Generalitat de Catalunya
Travessera de les Corts, 131-159
E-08028, Barcelona
General Secretary
Marta, Segura i Bonet
Tel.: +34 93 227 29 00
Fax: +34 93 227 29 90


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