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European Week of Regions and Cities
10 - 13 October 2005

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Evaluating 2005 OPEN DAYS and preparing for 2006

(24 January 2006) Based on the results of an evaluation study carried out on behalf of the Regional Policy DG, preparation of the 2006 European Week of Regions and Cities-OPEN DAYS has begun. Under the headline “Investing in Europe’s Regions and Cities”, the next OPEN DAYS are planned for 09-12 October involving again stakeholders from national, regional and local level as well as private sector and non-governmental organisations. A call for expression of interest is still open to regions until end of January, and a call for papers will be launched soon at this website.

OPEN DAYS Evaluation 2005

More information about the OPEN DAYS 2006

European Week of Regions and Cities 2005 closed by Commissioner Hübner in the European Parliament

(13 October 2005) Some 600 participants followed today the closing session of this years' "European Week of Regions and Cities – OPEN DAYS 2005" in the European Parliement (EP). Being at the same time a special meeting of the EP’s regional development committee (REGI), its president, Gerardo Galeote Quecedo, gave the floor to Regional Policy Commissioner Danuta Hübner, EIB-President Philippe Maystadt and the Vice-President of the Committee of the Regions, Albert Bore. Several members of the REGI-Committee followed with statements on the debate about the new cohesion policy regulations and demanded a rapid agreement on the Financial Perspectives 2007-2013.

Speech of Commissioner Danuta Hübner

Danuta Hübner and John Prescott in the Plenary of the Committee of the Regions today

(12 October 2005) The first part of the Committee of the Regions (CoR) plenary on 12 October will be opened by the Commissioner’s speech on “Regions and Cities: key players in Regional Policy and the Lisbon agenda”. It will be followed by an intervention of UK Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott.

On the agenda as well: interventions of by Gerardo Galeote Quecedo, President of the EP’s regional development committee and CoR President Straub (5 min). Speech will be followed by a one hour debate with the floor.

More information

Speech of Commissioner Danuta Hübner:

Speech of Mr Gerardo Galeote Quecedo, President of the REGI Committee the EP:

Speech of John Prescott, British Deputy Prime Minister and First Secretary of State:

Commissioner Danuta Hübner opened the European Week of Regions and Cities

(10 October 2005) In the presence of 600 participants Regional Policy Commisioner Danuta Hübner opened the European Week of Regions and Citries together with the President of the Committee of the Regions, Peter Straub, Gerardo Galeote Quecedo, chairman of the European Parliament Regional Development Committee, and Alun Michael, the UK Minister of State for Industry and the Regions.

Speech of Commissioner Hübner
Speech of President Peter Straub
Speech of President Gerardo Galeote Quecedo
Speech of Alun Michael

Press Release (Committee of the Regions)

Questions & Answers

Presentations and abstracts online today

(10 October 2005) All presentations and abstracts of speakers during the "European Week of Regions and Cities - OPEN DAYS 2005" are online on this site since today at:

OPEN DAYS Registration will be closed at 6PM (CET) today

(07 october 2005) The Open Days registration team will close the lists of participants tonight at 6PM (Brussel's time). Until then, it is possible to book a few seats in 15 workshops.

Register now - Last Call

Parliament Magazine features the "European Week of Regions and Cities"

(07 October 2005) In its 3rd October issue, the European Parliament Magazine feautures the European Week of Regions and Cities 2005. Read the articles of Commission President José Manuel Barroso, Commissioner Dantua Hübner and the interview with Committee of the Regions' President Peter Straub accompanied by several project descriptions from regions and cities.

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Up to 2,500 participants from 30 countries expected

(28 September 2005) latest registration statistics say that up to 2,500 partcipants from 30 countries will visit the 70 seminars, workshops and sessions during the European Week of Regions and Cities. The majority of them come from the new member states and represent national, regional or local authorities involved in the management of Structural Funds and instruments. Over 50 workshops are already fully booked and no more participants can be accepted.

New on this site

(31 August 2005) Several sections were recently updated on the OPEN DAYS website. For example, the final version of the conference programme is now available as well as updated presentations of the event partners. In addition, a new general presentation of the "European Week of Regions and Cities 2005" now exists.

OPEN DAYS Press release updated

(18 August 2005) In an updated press release concerning the OPEN DAYS 2005, Josep Borrell, the President of the European Parliament, and John Prescott, Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom , added their support for the event. In the first two weeks of registration, more than 700 experts from all over Europe have asked for participation. The new press release contains as well new programme details and aspects of the press programme and accreditation for the media.

More information

Regional TV chief editors meet during the OPEN DAYS

(04 August 2005) CIRCOM, the European Association of Regional Television will hold its chief editors meeting during the OPEN DAYS. At this occasion, Committee of the Regions' President Peter Straub and Commissioner Danuta Hübner will present the Prix "Cross-border TV Programmes 2005".

More information

Opening Session currently closed for registrations

(02 August 2005) Please note that due to limited capacity the Opening Session is currently closed for further registrations. It will be opened soon, but only registrations of invited guests will be accepted. We are sorry for the inconvenience and invite you to try at a later stage to register again

New on this page

(29 July 2005) You can now find a Brussels map with all OPEN DAYS venues. Updated as well: the sections “Networking”, “Documentation” and “Press information”.

OPEN DAYS programme and registration available

(19 July 2005) The programme of the “European Week of Regions and Cities – OPEN DAYS 2005” is available from this site and registration requests for workshops, seminars and sessions can be sent.

OPEN DAYS programme and registration

Commission adopts Communication on the "Community Strategic Guidelines for Cohesion 2007-2013"

(6 July 2005) The Commission adopted a Communication on "Community Strategic Guidelines for Cohesion"

More information
Regional Policy Ministers met in Luxembourg

(20 May 2005) On 20 and 21 May, ministers from the Member States responsible for Regional Policy had an informal ministerial meeting in Luxembourg . On this occasion, Danuta Hübner will present a Commission working paper on the "Community Strategic Guidelines for Cohesion".

More information

European Summit of Regions and Cities in Wroclaw

(19 May 2005) On 19 May, Commissioner Danuta Hübner addressed the “European Summit of Regions and Cities” on Wroclaw, Poland.

More information

"State of the regions" report published

(17 May 2005) Danuta Hübner presented today the “Third Progress Report on Cohesion”, which addresses the condition of the regions in the enlarged European Union in terms of levels of income, employment and productivity.

More information

Conference Secretariat set up

(12 May 2005) To address questions of OPEN DAYS participants and speakers, the Conference Secretariat was recently set up.

More information

REGIO’s call for papers closed

(10 May 2005) 132 proposals were received by 3 May 2005 through the call for papers of the European Commission’s Regional Policy Directorate-General.

More information

Call for papers addressing Regional Policy experts: Deadline is 3 May 2005

(12 April 2005) Experts in regional development are herby kindly invited to participate actively in the OPEN DAYS 2005. The European Commission's Regional Policy DG is looking for 60-80 speakers from all EU Member States and candidate countries to give presentations on the subject of “Working together for Regional Growth and Jobs: Preparing the next Generation of Structural Funds Programmes.”
Contributions should come from practitioners in the field of regional development and management of Structural Funds and instruments. The presentations should focus on strategies and priorities of Operational Programmes for the 2007-2013 period. Selected speakers would be invited to give presentations during the 11, 12 and 13 October 2005 in Brussels. The deadline for submission of papers is 3 May 2005, 18h00.

More information

OPEN DAYS European Week of Regions and Cities 2005

(09 March 2005) Danuta Hübner, Member of the European Commission responsible for Regional Policy, and Peter Straub, President of the Committee of the Regions (CoR), today presented a new partnership for the OPEN DAYS European Week of Regions and Cities 2005 under the headline “Working together for Regional Growth and Jobs”. Jointly organised by the European Commission and the CoR, as well as 110 regions and cities from 27 European countries, the OPEN DAYS 2005 will focus on regional development issues and cooperation. More than 2 000 Regional Policy stakeholders are expected in Brussels in October to discuss the next generation of regional development programmes co-financed by the EU Structural Funds and instruments.

More information