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The Meeting Place


Located in the Committee of the Regions premises, the Meeting Place offers a central location as part of the OPEN DAYS programme. Participants come here, not only to join the workshops, but also to meet informally, to network and develop new or existing partnerships.

Workshops, debates and thematic networking sessions

Meeting Place working sessions are organised under the general OPEN DAYS thematic focus, by the European Committee of the Regions, regions and cities, and a variety of European associations. A large part of the Meeting Place working sessions are immediately followed by a networking session.

OPEN DAYS 2015 Meeting Place partners (pdf)

Other components of the Meeting Place

Interactive networking on low-carbon economy, environment & resource efficiency (code 13E01), and on research & innovation and SME competitiveness (code 14E01) in the open space Atrium on the 5th and 6th floor of the European Committee of the Regions will be facilitated by the Interreg Europe programme.

Meeting Place Café: The café is located on the 5th floor Atrium of the European Committee of the Regions. It presents an excellent working environment and meeting area. From the bar, open from 8.30 to 11.30 AM, drinks, sandwiches and snacks can be purchased.

VIP rooms: Rooms for bilateral meetings can be made available upon request.

OPEN DAYS Media Centre

For journalists from local, regional, national and European media outlets, a joint media programme is organised during the OPEN DAYS, including working facilities and special services such as a TV studio, workspaces, interviewing possibilities etc. The Media Centre is located on the 5th floor.