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Main Programme - Events in Brussels

Organised between 6-9 October 2014, the OPEN DAYS Brussels-based events will consist of an opening session (6 October), followed by some 100 working sessions (workshops or debates, 7-9 October).

Detailed programme

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Working sessions

There are two types of working sessions:
a) 'worskshops', which refer to exchange of good practices and training between practionners, and
b) 'debates', which refer to the discussion of specific topics, involving a group of experts.

The OPEN DAYS 2014 working sessions are distributed as follows:

  • 26 workshops/debates organised by regional partnerships, i.e. consortia of regions and/or cities;
  • 40 workshops/debates organised by the Regional and Urban Policy Directorate General of the European Commission;
  • 34 workshops hosted in the Committee of the Regions' premises, known as the 'Meeting Place';
  • 8 'OPEN DAYS University' seminars.