Open Days 2010


Attention all potential OPEN DAYS participants

If you are thinking of participating in OPEN DAYS 2010, please note that Brussels will host the 8th ASEM Summit of Heads of State and Government (ASEM 8) on 4-5 October 2010. With more than 1,000 participants and another 1,000 journalists present, hotel spaces will be scarcer than usual.

2,300 rooms have been pre-reserved. Please go to:

Please make sure to book your hotel early!

The OPEN DAYS and its seminars, workshops, debates, exhibitions target an audience interested specifically in Regional Policy, and namely:

  • national, regional and local politicians;

  • Members of the Committee of the Regions, the European Parliament and of  the European Economic and Social Committee;

  • officials of European, national, regional and local administrations and experts in the field of managing and evaluating Cohesion Policy programmes;

  • representatives of private companies, banks, and European and national associations and organisations;

  • journalists from European, national, regional and local media.

Participation in the OPEN DAYS is free of charge. Registration is possible on-line through the registration website (please see homepage). Registration will be opened in July 2010.