Open Days 2010
Videos: Close - Summary - OPEN DAYS Trailer
Videos: Summary - OPEN DAYS Trailer


OPEN DAYS 2010 Evaluation report

Immediately after OPEN DAYS 2010 the participants - including events partners, speakers, exhibitors and journalists - were invited to complete an on-line evaluation.

It was essential to learn what the participants appreciated, what they less appreciated and get comments on how the OPEN DAYS 2011 might improve. A summary of the results of this survey is attached here .

We would like to thank those who took the time to complete the survey. The answers will assist in the preparation of next year's edition of OPEN DAYS.

Kindly observe that the kick-off of OPEN DAYS 2011 takes place 8 December at the premises of DG Regio (invitation has already been sent by our Regio colleagues).

Please consult the OPEN DAYS website regularly.

Thursday 7 October

RegioNetwork 2020

RegioNetwork 2020 - a new on-line professional networking website for European regions - has been launched by Commissioner Hahn at a reception in the Commission's Berlaymont building last evening. The site is intended to serve as a social network for the regional policy community. What are the projects that make a real difference in your region?  What have you learned from experiences in other regions? What should be the priorities for the structural funds after 2013? Join the RegioNetwork 2020 community today to express your views about these and other issues!

RegioNetwork is available for use from 7 October 2010.

EU budget reform post-2013 - should all regions continue to be eligible for cohesion policy funding?

Should better-off regions be eligible for structural funding in the future policy after 2013? How can the rules be simplified? What are some of the changes that the Commission would like to see in the future cohesion policy? This special panel, in the Commission's Charlemagne building, made up of representatives from various EU think- tanks and academic institutions, will debate the future of European cohesion policy.

OPEN DAYS 2010 Final Programme

Wednesday 6 October

Press panel on cohesion policy uniting divided communities: the experience of football

People are often surprised to discover that the EU's structural funds provide financial backing for various sporting initiatives. Regional Policy Commissioner Johannes Hahn, Education and Culture Commissioner Androulla Vassiliou, and a UEFA representative will be amongst panellists at today's press panel, highlighting projects supported by cohesion policy which have tackled racism, social exclusion and sectarianism head-on.

This event is open only for members of the press.

Media programme

Special Plenary today - promoting smart, sustainable and inclusive growth

Regions are at the front-line when it comes to implementing reforms and making investments in the core areas of the EU 2020 strategy: research and innovation; education and skills; energy and sustainability. But how can Europe’s regions and cities play help deliver this strategy? How can the 2020 ambitions translate into practical measures to benefit citizens in the regions? EU Regional Policy Commissioner Johannes Hahn and other speakers will address these questions and many more at today's special plenary in the Commission's Charlemagne building.

OPEN DAYS 2010 Final Programme

Tuesday 5 October

Press panel on the EU Danube Region Strategy today

Promoting better cooperation between European regions is central not just to OPEN DAYS but also to EU cohesion policy. The new EU macro-regional strategies aim to take cooperation to another level. Today's press panel on the EU Strategy for the Danube Region will see political leaders including Johannes Hahn, Commissioner for Regional Policy, and Ján Figel, First Vice- Prime Minister and Minister for Transport, Post and Telecommunications of the Slovak Republic, debating how the Strategy is evolving from their perspective. 

This event is open only for members of the press.

Media programme
EU Danube Region Strategy

Innovation in European cohesion policy

Research and innovation are at the heart of the Europe 2020 economic growth goals. The strategy spells out a spending target of three percent of the EU's GDP in research and development (R&D) and universal broadband coverage by 2013. As the lion's share of the EU budget, cohesion policy has a key role to play in achieving these goals. Regional funds already successfully back projects in high-speed internet, innovation, smart transport, and R&D. Open Days will allow regions and other stakeholders to share ideas about how to best harness regional funds to promote innovation in the regions.

See innovation projects in your region

Cohesion policy and the green economy

Sustainability is as a guiding feature of EU cohesion policy and a hot topic during the Open Days. Did you know that one third (€105 billion) of the total structural fund budget is invested in the environment? EU regional funds play an important role in upgrading water and waste treatment facilities, cleaning up contaminated sites, and supporting eco-innovation, eco-tourism and renewable energies. Many projects co-funded by cohesion policy will be showcased during the Open Days week.

See environmental projects in your region

Monday 4 October

OPEN DAYS 2010 – follow the opening session live!

The eighth OPEN DAYS – the annual European Week of Cities and Regions gets underway today. Follow the opening session by clicking on the daily webstreaming programme. Organised on the eve of the launch of debates on post-2013 cohesion policy reform and centred around three themes: competitiveness, cooperation and cohesion, OPEN DAYS will encourage the exchange and promotion of good practice. On top of the 130 seminars organised during the week, 260 local events will be taking place throughout Europe during October and November.

Press release: OPEN DAYS 2010 – European Week of Regions and Cities

List of all webstreamed sessions

Cultural programme livens up the Berlaymont

OPEN DAYS StagesAs well as all the seminars and debates, OPEN DAYS is also about celebrating the diversity of culture and talent in Europe's regions. The Commission's 'Berlaymont' HQ has been transformed into a festive arena with dance, musical and theatre performances. You can also take a look at some of the many projects co-financed by the EU in the regions in the photo exhibition on the esplanade.

Slovakia's only professional Roma theatre group "Theatre Romathan" and "It's Our Theatre" - a talent development programme from Luton (UK) for young people - are just some of the groups taking part.

Full stage programme

OPEN DAYS University

Following a successful inauguration last year, the University once again provides opportunity to hear valuable insights on regional development from leading academics throughout the week. This year, the Commission's Regional Policy department and the Regional Studies Association organised a competition for early career researchers in European cohesion policy. The winners will present their research at OPEN DAYS 2010. A cash prize of €1000 will be awarded to the overall winner

More information on OPEN DAYS University

Programme and practical information

Map of venuesShortly before the OPEN DAYS 2010 begin on 4 October, the programme at a glance is available here . A printed version will be distributed at the welcome tent, where also last minute registration will be possible. (on-line registration is closed)

The tent will be located on the esplanade of Directorate-General for Regional Policy, in front of Cours Saint-Michel 2, Av. De Tervuren 41, 1040 Brussels.
Metro (Lines 1+5) station: Merode (exit 7: Pr. Jean de Mérode).

Opening Hours for PARTICIPANTS and SPEAKERS at the tent on the esplanade of Directorate General for Regional Policy:

  • Monday, 4 October: 09:00 -18:30
  • Tuesday, 5 October: 08:00 -18:30
  • Wednesday, 6 October: 08:00 -18:00
  • Thursday, 7 October: 08:00 -11:00

Welcome and registration point for JOURNALISTS will be located at the Committee of the Regions, Jacques Delors Building, Rue Belliard 101, 1040 Brussels.

  • Monday, 4 October: 09:00 -18:30
  • Tuesday, 5 October: 09:00 -18:30
  • Wednesday, 6 October: 09:00 -18:00
  • Thursday, 7 October: 09:00 -11:00

Please click here for the Map of venues

Panorama magazine special issue on the 2010 OPEN DAYS: get involved!

PanoramaA few days ahead of the launch of the 8th European Week of Regions and Cities, we invite you to discover this special issue of Panorama magazine. It contains a host of articles, illustrated with multiple examples of projects, on the three pillars of the 2010 edition: competitiveness, cooperation, and cohesion. Similarly, you are invited to come and meet the founding figures behind the OPEN DAYS as well as seminar organisers, not only in Brussels but also in … Slovakia and Spain! At the same time as the hundred or so seminars being organised in Brussels, more than 250 local events are taking place throughout the European Union and beyond.

This special issue is available in English, French and German pdf de en fr

European Week of Regions and Cities: cultural programme livens up Commission HQ

OPEN DAYS StagesThroughout the Open Days week, the European Commission headquarters (Berlaymont building) will be transformed into a festive arena where participants can enjoy lunchtime dance, musical and theatre performances. Slovakia's only professional Roma theatre group "Theatre Romathan" and "It's Our Theatre" - a talent development programme from Luton (UK) that empowers young people - are just some of the groups taking part in this celebration of local music and arts.

Taking place under the heading “Europe 2020: competitiveness, co-operation and cohesion for all regions”, more than 130 seminars are organised in Brussels during the week with 260 "local events" also planned all around Europe.

For more information on the programme and performances:

Tweet about Open Days!

TwitterIf you want to network with other Twitter users, please use the hashtag #euopendays to exchange information and views about the 2010 Open Days.

OPEN DAYS 2010 Final Programme available

Since 16 August, the final OPEN DAYS programme is available in the form of a brochure on this website. Here, one finds full seminar descriptions, speakers' names and other organisational details such as the plan of all venues in Brussels. Paper copies will be ready in the first half of September and can be ordered from the organisers. Any updates of the programme will only be communicated through its online version, which remains accessible under 'registration'.

OPEN DAYS 2010 Preliminary programme

The preliminary programme can be downloaded here, the printed version is now available. The preliminary programme consists of 130 seminars and workshops provided for by the regional partnerships, the European Commission, the Committee of the Regions and banks, companies and associations. Again, the 'OPEN DAYS University' will feature 14 academic sessions including the results of a 'young researchers' competition. Online registration to these seminars will be open as of 5 July.

Attention all potential OPEN DAYS participants

If you are thinking of participating in OPEN DAYS 2010, please note that Brussels will host the 8th ASEM Summit of Heads of State and Government (ASEM 8) on 4-5 October 2010. With more than 1,000 participants and another 1,000 journalists present, hotel spaces will be scarcer than usual.

2,300 rooms have been pre-reserved. Please go to:

Please make sure to book your hotel early!

Early career research competition 2010

The Directorate-General for Regional Policy, in partnership with the Regional Studies Association, has invited early career researchers in the area of European regional policy to present their research at OPEN DAYS 2010. The deadline for application has passed but for more information, please contact Ms Roller, DG Regional Policy (

Conditions for participation:

  • Candidates must either be completing a PhD or have completed a PhD in the last 3 years
  • A CV and short summary of research (max. 1000 words) should be sent by 28 May to the Regional Studies Association (email:
  • Candidates will be expected to prepare posters for a workshop session at OPEN DAYS and deliver a short 5-7 minute presentation.

Finalists will be invited to attend OPEN DAYS and present their research.  A cash prize of €1000 will be awarded to the winners (€750 for the overall winner and €250 for the first runner-up). More Details

For more information, please contact Ms Roller, DG Regional Policy (

OPEN DAYS 2009 wins award!

OPEN DAYS has been awarded the 'Best Event 2009' in the category of "Associations and Institutional Meetings" at the annual awards ceremony on 15 March organised during Brussels Meetings Week, a Europe-wide conference of specialists of the meeting industry. Being shortlisted with two other events that were held in Brussels last year, the prize was given to the Committee of the Regions and the European Commission's DG REGIO for its innovation and the national and international prestige that it has given the city of Brussels. The selection was based on a secret vote by industry experts over a two-week period.

More Information

OPEN DAYS registers record number of partners

The European Week of Regions and Cities-OPEN DAYS, the biggest annual event on regional and urban development, will attract a record number of 245 regions and cities from 34 countries as event partners. The Committee of the Regions (CoR), the EU body representing local and regional representatives, and the European Commission's Regional Policy Directorate-General (DG REGIO) announced today that a total of 28 regional partnerships have been accepted to organise about one third of the more than 100 conferences and seminars to be held between 4-7 October in Brussels. The other two thirds will be organised by the CoR and DG REGIO.

More Information