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Where to find the online programme

You'll find the full description of all OPEN DAYS seminars including the possibility to register through this website.

If you wish to print the full detailed programme you can find a complete version, including descriptions of the seminars here.


How to select your OPEN DAYS 2007 seminars

Workshop code:
Each seminar and workshop has a code according to its date, the letter of one of the five sub-themes and a chronological number. For example, the seminar code ‘10A12’ signifies: Wednesday 10 October, sub-theme ‘A’ of the programme (Attracting investors: regions and cities show how it works), which is the 12th seminar (out of a total of 23 in the sub-theme).

Online search tool:
The website provides an online search tool in order to find seminars by topic. The search can be carried out by using keywords, themes, speakers’ names, programme codes or dates.

How will my registration be managed?

First step: Select your seminar(s)

  • Go to the registration site
  • Select your seminar(s) by ticking the box(es) matching the seminar(s) of your choice
  • If one or several seminars are of your interest, select those by ticking the appropriate boxes (you can register for several seminars in parallel)
  • The registration system will then ask for the personal data (name, organisational affiliation, e-mail, etc.) of the potential participant.
  • Once completed and submitted, the request to attend the selected seminars will automatically be sent to the organisers who will accept or reject the application.
  • The online registration system will automatically send an e-mail to you confirming that the request for attendance is being processed. This automatic message is not a confirmation of participation.

Second step: Confirmation of your application

  • Each organiser has two weeks to treat the requests for attendance that he/she has received
  • A potential participant will receive a confirmation or rejection e-mail for each attendance request within two weeks. Depending on the number of seats available, participants will know whether they can attend the seminar selected or not.
  • If you wish to check the status of your different requests, the registration system provides the possibility to do so under the ‘My requests’ button available on the registration webpage. You will receive an automatic message listing all the requests for attendance sent to the organisers and their status (accepted/rejected/pending).

Third step:

  • At the beginning of October, each participant will receive by e-mail a final overview of all applications (accepted and rejected).
  • Participants are requested to print this final overview e-mail as they will have to present it on site to obtain a badge and go through the checking entrance of each seminar. Participants will only be able to attend the seminars with the status ‘accepted’

Some practical information

OPEN DAYS 2007 venues
The OPEN DAYS 2007 workshops and seminars will be held in more than 40 different venues in the Brussels European quarter. Since participants will often have to change venues, a 30-minutes break has been scheduled between each seminar. Please make sure that you always arrive on time. Below one finds a link to the map indicating all venues.

Onsite registration & badges

  • Each participant will have to print and to present his/her confirmation of registration automatically sent by the registration system. This ‘ticket’ will entitle participants to get a badge and to attend the seminar.
  • To avoid queuing on the day of the workshops, each participant can also get his/her badge beforehand at the two OPEN DAYS 2007 InfoPoints (Committee of the Regions and Centre Borschette). Please check the map of venues to locate them


Committee of the Regions
Rue Belliard 101

Centre Borschette
Rue Froissard 36

Presentations and Abstracs
Promotional clip OPEN DAYS 2007
Cohesion Instruments 2007-2013 in your Country and Region
Public consultation on Cohesion Policy
Regulations 2007-2013
Lisbon Monitoring Platform
Guidelines on cohesion
Cooperation with Financial Institutions
Cohesion Policy and cities
Regions for change

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