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Opening and Closing Sessions

Danuta Hübner, European Commissioner for Regional PolicyMichel Delebarre, President of the Committee of the RegionsMichel Delebarre, Danuta Hübner and Francisco Nunes Correia
As in previous years, the European Week of Regions and Cities opens and concludes with two political sessions to frame the debate in the various seminars and workshops. The final programme of these sessions will be published on the OPEN DAYS website, following confirmations from the remaining speakers.

Opening Session
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8 October 2007, 16:00-18:00, Charlemagne building
Making it Happen: How Cohesion Policy will contribute to Growth and Jobs in Europe

The Opening Session marks the start of four days of seminars, workshops and exhibitions aimed
at exploring new ideas for regional development and improving the delivery of cohesion policy
programmes. The 700 invited guests will be welcomed to the ceremony by Dirk Ahner, Director-
General of the European Commission's Regional Policy Directorate General. The main speakers are:

  • Danuta Hübner, Commissioner for Regional Policy
  • Michel Delebarre, President of the Committee of the Regions
  • Francisco Nunes Correia, Portuguese Minister for Environment and Regional Development, on behalf of the EU Presidency
  • Dirk Ahner, Director General, European Commission, Regional Policy DG

The keynote speeches will be followed by a panel debate, moderated by Jacki Davis, Communications
Director of the European Policy Centre think-tank, with contributions from:

  • Philippe Maystadt, President of the European Investment Bank
  • Ernest-Antoine Seillière, President of BUSINESSEUROPE
  • Jozef Niemiec, Confederal Secretary of European Trade Union Confederation
  • Raphaël Alomar, Governor of the Council of Europe Development Bank

Commissioner Hübner, President Delebarre and Minister Nunes Correia will also take part in the
discussion and contributions from the audience are welcome.

How to participate
Participation is upon personal invitation only. The DG Regional Policy and the Committee of the Regions will send personal invitations to a selected audience in order to target the participants. Remaining seats will be made available to the general public through the online registration system from the end of September. At the moment, there is no possibility to register for the Opening Session through the online registration system.


Closing Session

11 October 2007, 14:30-16:30, European Parliament hemicycle
"Regions and cities in the global economy: Challenges and issues for a modern regional policy"

The Closing Session will address the future of regional policy in the context of globalisation, climate change and demographic trends. The session will be opened by Gerardo Galeote, chairman of the European Parliament’s Regional Development Committee. European Parliament President Hans-Gert Pöttering, Portuguese State Secretary for Regional Development Rui Nuno Baleiras, Commissioner Hübner and Committee of the Regions President Delebarre will intervene in the debate.

The keynote speech will be delivered by Professor Michael Spence, winner of the 2001 Nobel
Prize for economics. A round-table will be moderated by Pierre Bénazet (Radio-France) and
invited speakers include:

  • Prof. Michael Spence, Chairman of the Commission on Growth and Development
  • Ferdinando ‘Nani’ Beccalli-Falco, President and CEO of General Electric International
  • Monika Wulf-Mathies, Executive Vice President, Corporate Public Policy and Sustainability,
    Deutsche Post World Net
  • Michel Delebarre, President of the Committee of the Regions

The round-table will be followed by questions from the audience.

How to participate
Registration is possible through the online registration system. Please click here to register.

As the Opening Session will be broadcast using live webstreaming, it will be possible to follow the debate online through a weblink displayed on this page on the day (Monday 8 October).

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