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OPEN DAYS 2008 Website
(29 February 2008) The new website is online :




OPEN DAYS 2008 kicked-off
(18 December 2007) Dirk Ahner, Director-General of the Regional Policy DG,  and Gerhard Stahl, Secretary-General of the Committee of the Regions, launched the OPEN DAYS 2008 (06-09 October) on 14 December at a kick-off meeting attended by 150 representatives from European regions and cities. Until 5 March 2008, regions and cities can apply now to be OPEN DAYS 2008 partners while creating a group with members from at least five countries.

The 2008 heading of the event is "Regions and cities in a challenging world" including four priority themes: (1) regional research and innovation; (2) regional sustainable development and climate change; (3) cooperation and networking/exchange of best practice; (4) European cohesion policy of tomorrow. Based on results of a thorough evaluation of this year's event, some new features will be tested. One of those is to increase the number of seminars at local level from 95 this year to 200 or even 300 throughout the month of October 2008.

Presentation of the OPEN DAYS 2008
Conglomerate registration form
Application dossier

Newsletter "OPEN DAYS 2007" published
Looking back to OPEN DAYS 2007(30 November 2007) The Committee of the Regions has published a special, 16-pages newsletter on the OPEN DAYS 2007. Being full of photos, the brochure reviews the event and contains messages by President Michel Delebarre and Commissioner Danuta Hübner.

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Looking back to OPEN DAYS 2007
Looking back to OPEN DAYS 2007(21 November 2007) The final evaluation report of the OPEN DAYS 2007 and the "Press Coverage Book" have been made public today. The evaluation report summarises the results of five online surveys for participants, events partners, speakers/chairpersons, journalists, and local event organisers. A total of 1.161 questionnaires were assessed representing 19.4% of the total of actors involved. The four most important findings: (1) the overall assessment of the quality of the event varies between "excellent" and "good" for 90.3% of the participants, 97.5% of speakers/chairs, 98% of journalists and 100% of the local organisers; (2) 92% (participants) and 95% (speakers/chairs) say that they would participate again in 2008; (3) the most frequent recommendation is to organise "fewer but more targeted seminars"; (4) as regards themes for 2008, the most frequently mentioned ones by partners and speakers are: R+D/innovation; cooperation; sustainable development/climate change; new provisions of the treaty/territorial cohesion. Next OPEN DAYS are to be held between 6 and 9 October 2008. Regions will be invited to apply for participation on 14 December 2007.

Final Evaluation Report and Press Coverage Book

OPEN DAYS 2007: Evaluation has begun
West Midlands in Europe(19 October 2007) The assessment of the OPEN DAYS 2007 is underway. Participants, partners, speakers and chairpersons, journalists and organisers of local events are requested to give their opinion on the quality of the event and to reflect about improvements and themes for 2008. A final report is scheduled for mid-November. Participants should fill in an online questionnaire available here.



West Midlands in Europe hosts Open Days 2007
West Midlands in Europe(11 October 2007) West Midlands in Europe took the opportunity to showcase a new initiative from the region at the prestigious Open Days in Brussels. To a full capacity audience of key regional policy makers from across the EU, John Bailey, Pro Vice Chancellor, Business Partnerships & Knowledge Transfer from Aston University (pictured left) showcased the “West Midlands Regional Innovation Vouchers”, a two-year INnovation Delivers EXpansion (INDEX) pilot project which encourages greater interaction between businesses and universities in the West Midlands.

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Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi to attend OPEN DAYS
Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi will visit the the OPEN DAYS (10 October 2007) Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi will visit the the OPEN DAYS European Week of Regions and Cities on 10 October. The former European Commission President will attend a workshop organised by the Union of the Italian Chambers of Commerce and Conference of Italian Regions and Autonomous Provinces, in association with Eurochambres.




Press release

North East science strength on show in Brussels
One North East(08 October 2007) EU decision makers will learn how the appliance of science is changing the North East for the better at a prestigious event in Brussels this week (8-11 October). Regional development agency One NorthEast is leading the ‘Science and Innovation in Regional Policy’ element of the Brussels Open Days, the biggest annual event on EU regional policy. Expected to attract over 4,000 international participants from 212 regions, the Open Days include experts in Structural Fund programmes, members of the European Parliament, and private companies and business entrepreneurs. One NorthEast’s focus on developing an innovative knowledge economy is an example of good practice to the rest of Europe.  Amongst numerous workshops with North East representation, the agency is introducing sessions delivered by NStar Finance and Newcastle Science City. Each will demonstrate how innovative new tools for regional development, such as financing for SMEs, are opening up new opportunities for the North East economy.

More information

(08 October 2007) Today at 16:00 in Charlemagne, the Opening Session marks the formal begin of the OPEN DAYS 2007. The audience will consist of 600 participants, most of them experts from the regions and other OPEN DAYS partner organisations involved, as well as representatives from the EU institutions, Member States' Permanent Representations, European associations, international organisations and third countries. The session will have two parts. Part one consists of three keynote speeches by Commissioner Danuta Hübner, President Michel Delebarre and Minister Francisco Nunes Correia representing the Portuguese Presidency. In part two, a panel debate involving EIB President Philippe Maystadt, BUSENESEUROPE President Ernest-Antoine Selliere, ETUC Confederal Secretary Jozef Niemiec, and Council of Europe Bank Governor Raphaël Alomar, will focus on the delivery of the new EU regional policy, future challenges and questions, and on the panellists' "visions for a modern regional policy in 2020". A debate with the floor is planed for the last 25 min of the session. The session will be webstreamed and can be followed live on the internet here .

Press Release 05/08/2007

OPEN DAYS 2007 Webstreaming programme


8/10 : 9.15 - 12.45 : workshop '2nd EU-China regional policy seminar'

8/10 : 16 to 18 PM : Opening Session

9/10 : 9.30 - 13.00 and 16.30 - 17.30 : workshop 'Regional policy in a global perspective'

10/10 : 9 - 11.30 : workshop 'the EU programmes for peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland and Ireland - lessons learnt and shared'


Presentations uploaded

Open Days 2007 Programme (08 October 2007) Presentations and abstracts for the OPEN DAYS seminars have been uploaded here . This site will be constantly updated.




The PEACE experience
Peace and Reconciliation in Northern Ireland - lessons learnt and shared(26 September 2007) A seminar on "Peace and Reconciliation in Northern Ireland - lessons learnt and shared" will be organised during the Open Days on 10 October between 9:00 and 11:00 am, in the Charlemagne building, rue de la Loi 170. Included in the workshop agenda will be presentations on: the impact of the European Union’s PEACE programmes; helping others to develop services to cope with trauma;mediation and reconciliation – their role in peace building; sharing and learning through a network of early childhood practitioners; experiences from the Western Balkans and the accession negotiations with Cyprus. Interested persons can register here.

OPEN DAYS programme "at a glance"
Open Days 2007 Programme(26 September 2007) The updated OPEN DAYS' programme overview, including information on the Opening and Closing Sessions on 8 and 11 October and a map of all venues, has been uploaded here.




Eurisy helps regions and cities access the benefits of satellite services
(26 September 2007) European local and regional authorities are pioneering the use of satellite services to meet policy objectives, with a positive impact on economic growth, job creation and environment protection. The potential of satellite technology is still far from being fully realised though, according to Eurisy, an NGO dedicated to raising awareness of how satellites can help manage services such as urban planning, agriculture management, pollution control, civil security and emergency planning.

The Paris-based NGO, which is backed by the European Commission and European Space Agency among others, is participating in the 2007 OPEN DAYS and the Committee of the Regions Investor's Café (knowledge society village), with the aim of promoting and supporting dialogue between regions interested in sharing best practice and experience in the use of satellite services for creating a dynamic knowledge-based economy.

Satellites are mainly used for communication, navigation and earth observation. European programmes such as Galileo and GMES will provide European users with the information and infrastructure needed for efficient local action with a global impact on society, economy and environment.

EU regions and cities are in a strong position to make the most of these tools; access to them does not require a region to have its own satellite industry or knowledge of what satellite technology is. The key element is knowing how to use satellite services to help manage regional action in a range of different areas.

Eurisy has developed a specific programme designed for regions and cities, focusing on how satellite technology helps, rather than how it works. Regions interested in discovering more should visit the Eurisy stand at the Investor's Café. They can also find out about meetings planned in the coming months (see diagram below).

More information: www.eurisy.org

Opening Session: Programme updated
Charlemagne Building(24 September 2007) The programme of the OPEN DAYS Opening Session in the Charlemagne building has been updated today. The session will have two parts: the first part will be dedicated to keynote speeches by Commissioner Danuta Hübner, President Michel Delebarre and Minister Francisco Nunes Correia representing the Portuguese Presidency, while the second part is a panel debate involving European financial institutions and economic and social partners, including EIB President Philippe Maystadt, Norwegean Minister Åslaug Marie Haga, BUSENESEUROPE President Ernest-Antoine Selliere, ETUC Confederal Secretary Jozef Niemiec, and Council of Europe Bank Governor Raphaël Alomar. Mrs Jacki Davis of the European Policy Centre will be the moderator for the whole session.

More information

More than 4,500 participants registered
(24 September 2007) A total of more than 4,500 individual participants were registered by 20 September, 86% of all available seats were booked and 64 seminars (out of 150) completely "sold out". The average OPEN DAYS visitor takes part in about four seminars, more than 60% of them work for national, regional or local administrations and about 10% are academics or consultants. Three out four participants travel to Brussels for the event, and Finland, France, Italy, Poland and the United Kingdom are the countries with the highest shares.

OPEN DAYS going local
EU 27 Flags(20 September 2007) About 80 local events will be organised all over Europe in cooperation with the regions and cities participating in the OPEN DAYS.  Descriptions are available in English and the country's languages here.




European Parliament President Hans-Gert Pöttering and Nobel Prize winner Michael Spence to address closing session

Hans-Gert Pöttering(18 September 2007) Hans-Gert Pöttering, the President of the European Parliament, will be among the main speakers at this year's OPEN DAYS European Week of Regions and Cities. Mr Pöttering will participate in the closing session of the event, to be held in the Parliamentary Chamber in Brussels on 11 October (14:30-16:30). It will be the first time that the President of the Parliament has taken part in the OPEN DAYS.

The debate will address the future of regional policy in the context of globalisation, climate change and demographic trends. The session will be opened by Gerardo Galeote, chairman of the Parliament’s Regional Development Committee, and the keynote speech will be delivered by Professor Michael Spence, winner of the 2001 Nobel Prize for economics, chair of the Commission on Growth and Development and former Dean of Stanford Graduate Business School, California.

Regional Policy Commissioner Danuta Hübner, a fellow member of the Commission on Growth and Development, and Committee of the Regions President Michel Delebarre will also address the session and participate in a round-table, together with Manuel Lobo Antunes, Portuguese Secretary of State for European Affairs, 'Nani' Beccalli-Falco, President and CEO of General Electric International, and Monika Wulf-Mathies, Executive Vice President, Corporate Public Policy and Sustainability, Deutsche Post World Net.

The round-table will be followed by questions from the audience.

Making it happen: OPEN DAYS trailer on EuroNews and YouTube

Making it happen: OPEN DAYS trailer(17 September 2007) EuroNews, the multilingual pan-European news channel, will screen a trailer for the OPEN DAYS European Week of Regions and Cities from 25 September. The 15-second clip will be broadcast in seven languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Russian. The video can also be seen in its original English version on YouTube and is available for download (EN - FR - DE - ES - IT - PT - RU).

EuroNews, which reaches seven million European viewers a day, is a media partner for the 2007 OPEN DAYS (Brussels, 8-11 October).

The film will also be available on the OPEN DAYS website.

The trailer was made by communications firm European Service Network (ESN) for the European Commission's Regional Policy Directorate General and EU Committee of the Regions. Credits: Art Director/TV production: Stéphane De Swaef (ESN), Producer: Patrick Lauber (Kaos films), Directors: Christophe Dumoulin and Philippe Carron (Kaos films).

Committee of the Regions videos on YouTube

Newsletter No 3 online

Newsletter 3(11 September 2007) The third newsletter for the OPEN DAYS 2007 is now available. It updates on the Opening Session of 8 October and contains an article by Executive Vice-President Gottfried H. Dutiné of Philpps who participates in the Investors' Café. Other information concerns the profile of the 700 speakers coming to the OPEN DAYS, the about 100 local events which are accessible now and a new seminar on the PEACE programme which has been added to the programme recently.

OPEN DAYS 2007 - Newsletter Nr 3

EU Presidency hails OPEN DAYS as most important and influential event in regional policy

Francisco Nunes Correia(10 September 2007) Francisco Nunes Correia, Portugal's Minister for Environment and Regional Development, has given the EU Presidency's seal of approval to the OPEN DAYS European Week of Regions and Cities. Speaking at an extraordinary meeting of the Committee of the Regions' Bureau in Vilamoura on 7 September, he said that Portugal was looking forward to playing an active part in the "most important and influential event organised at Community level in the area of regional policy".

The Minister praised the Committee of the Regions and European Commission for organising the event, which is now in its fifth year. "Portugal will actively participate, with the aim of increasing regional competitiveness and contributing through regional policy to achieve the objectives of the Lisbon Strategy and sustainable development," he declared.

Press Release

Investors' Café

Investor' Café programme brochure(28 August 2007) A meeting place for major EU regional decision makers, institutions, experts and businessmen, this forum discloses the capacity of the regions to create jobs and growth. The Investors' Café facilitates the opportunity for future contracts between companies and local or regional authorities that need their products and services. Between October 8th and October 11th, this professional Café will provide a platform for transmitting and receiving expertise from business specialists and stakeholders in the fields of energy, environment, financial engineering and business support, health, knowledge society, research and innovation, and transport. You will also have the possibility to book rooms for private meetings. Register now to attend the Investor's Café events as seating is limited.

Investors' Café programme brochure

Europe's Regions and Cities "make it happen"

OPEN DAYS 2007(11 July 2007) Registration for the 'OPEN DAYS 2007 – European Week of Regions and Cities' gets underway as of 11 July, with 150 seminars to choose from and 15,000 seats in total available. The fifth annual OPEN DAYS – the biggest event in the regional policy calendar – takes place in Brussels from 8-11 October under the headline "Making it happen: Regions and cities deliver growth and jobs". Organised by the EU Committee of the Regions and the European Commission’s Directorate General for Regional Policy, in partnership with a record 212 regions and cities from 33 countries, the OPEN DAYS brings together EU decision-makers, national, local and regional politicians, policy experts and representatives of business, banking and civil society organisations. Up to 5,000 participants in all are expected to take part.

Press Release

OPEN DAYS 2007 Programme online now

OPEN DAYS 2007(03 July 2007) The OPEN DAYS programme brochure is now available electronically (click on the image). A record 150 seminars have been put together by the event partners. Registration will be possible through this page as of 11 July.


Newsletter No 2 online

OPEN DAYS 2007(26 June 2007) The second newsletter for the OPEN DAYS 2007 is now available. In a welcome address, President Barroso highlights the importance of the event and other news concerning the preparation for OPEN DAYS 2007, which will soon be finalised. At the beginning of July, online registration will start, and the more than 5,000 expected participants will be able to register for the 150 seminars.

OPEN DAYS 2007 - Newsletter Nr 2

Newsletter Nr 1online

OPEN DAYS 2007(17 April 2007) In the framework of the preparation of the OPEN DAYS 2007, the first newsletter has been published today on this website. On four pages one gets an overview about the main themes and new issues in 2007, including the list of participating regions and cities.

OPEN DAYS 2007 - Newsletter Nr 1

Making it happen: new cohesion policy on track

OPEN DAYS 2007(02 April 2007) Regional policy Commissioner Danuta Hübner presented today at a press conference in Brussels a first assessment of the cohesion policy programmes of the 2007-2013 period, including 27 National Strategic Reference Frameworks and the majority of 450 Operational Programmes sent by member states and region so far. More than ever before, these will deliver on the Lisbon Strategy with about EUR 200 billion now earmarked for issues such as research, innovation, environmental protection, transport and employment.

Press release - Presentation - Scoreboard of Programmes

212 European regions and cities participate in the OPEN DAYS 2007

OPEN DAYS 2007(15 March 2007) A total of 212 European regions and cities – up from 135 last year – have been selected to participate in the OPEN DAYS 2007. For the event, they have split into 24 international groups, which focus on shared challenges in areas such as sustainable energy, science and innovation, inter-regional cooperation, local governance and maritime policy. Some 33 European countries including all 27 EU Member States are represented with the largest group coming from Italy (23), followed by Germany and France (both 19), the UK (17), Spain and Poland (16), Netherlands (12) and Czech Republic (8). Non-EU countries represented include Croatia, Turkey, Norway, Switzerland, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Russia.

More information

Call for papers open now

OPEN DAYS 2006 DVD(28 February 2007) The European Commission’s Regional Policy Directorate-General invites experts in the field of regional development and the management of Structural Funds to send contributions to be presented during the “OPEN DAYS 2007 - European Week of Regions and Cities” between 8 and 11 October in Brussels. The objective is to select about 100 speakers for a series of 40 workshops, which will be part of the OPEN DAYS 2007 programme. Due to the delivery of the cohesion policy programmes 2007-2013 by that date, this year's event will be organised under the headline “Making it Happen: Regions and Cities Deliver Growth and Jobs”. Therefore, priority will be given to contributions from Structural Funds managing authorities and implementing bodies without excluding speakers with a different institutional background.

More information

Order your OPEN DAYS 2006 DVD for free now

OPEN DAYS 2006 DVD(16 January 2006) A DVD including one film on the OPEN DAYS 2006 and two other presenting projects from Austria and the Baltic states can now be ordered for free from the Regional Policy DG. The OPEN DAYS film shows within 12 minutes the main elements and some of the key speakers during the event in October 2006. The project from Austria presents the case of the village of Güssing in Burgenland using structural funds to support energy production through biomass. The project from the Baltic states shows a cooperation project between the cities of Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius on the preservation of cultural heritage.


Free copies can be ordered by e-mail to: regio-info@ec.europa.eu

OPEN DAYS 2007: Regions and cities invited to participate

(13 December 2006) 170 representatives of regions and cities were present when Gerhard Stahl, Secretary-General of the Committee of the Regions, and Graham Meadows, Director-General of the European Commission's Regional Policy Directorate General, launched the OPEN DAYS 2007. Under the headline "Making it happen: regions deliver growth and jobs", European regions and cities are invited to set up partnerships by 14 February 2007 and to apply for a participation in the event between 8 and 11 October in Brussels.


More information

OPEN DAYS 2006: Newsletter available in six languages

(12 December 2006) The Newsletter No. 54 of the Committee of the Regions has been published in English, French, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish. It reviews the OPEN DAYS 2006 including political messages, partners and first evaluation results of the event.

More information


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