Title: Culture and Creative Industries: strengthening a resilient sector through a regional approach

Code: 12A128
Chair: Badiello, Lorenza
Organisers: Regional initiative for culture and creativity
Themes: Theme 1: Building resilient Regions and Cities
Speakers: Casalino, Paolo
Diazzi, Morena
Faton, Chloe
Partanen, Raija
Tomasena, Antton
Tzomakas, Christos
Capacity: 128
Location: Emilia- Romagna Office
Date: 12/10/2017 [11:15-13:00]
Refreshments: No
Lunch: No
Dinner: No
Brief: The workshop ,promoted by the “Regional Initiative for Culture and Creativity” consortium,  aims to address the role of regions, provincial and local authorities and relevant stakeholders (culture and creative sector, academia, business sector, financial sector, public and private sector, etc) in fostering the potential of cultural and creative industries for the economic and innovation regional development, within the framework of the Smart Specialisation Strategies (Ris3) and in line we concrete projects (example: INTERREG Europe CREADIS3).

Target audience:
  • EU, national, regional and local policy/decision makers
  • Authorities managing and evaluating cohesion policy programmes and projects
  • Other stakeholders: private companies, financial institutions, European and national associations

  The workshop is fully booked.