Title: Regions and cities as agents of change for sustainable urban freight transport
Code: 11B19
Chair: Depré, Claire
Organisers: ERRIN & POLIS Group on sustainable urban logistics
Themes: Theme 2: Regions and Cities as change agents
Speakers: Bach, Holger
Bordeje, Francisco
Hendriks, Brigit
Olsson, Lina
Sebbane, Jonathan
Capacity: 117
Location: The European office of the Spanish Ministry of Research
Date: 11/10/2017 [11:15-13:00]
Refreshments: No
Lunch: No
Dinner: No
Brief: Essential to the local economy, urban freight activities cause negative external effects that impact the quality of life and the attractiveness of cities and regions. To reduce these effects, local authorities are engaging with logistic companies and local businesses in order to come up with new strategies. This has led to a wide range of initiatives, including regulated delivery times, innovative logistics schemes, use of alternative freight vehicles. In the session, the local authorities with the support of the networks Polis and ERRIN will present the solutions implemented at their level to tackle these issues and their achievements so far.

Target audience:
- EU, national, regional and local policy/decision makers
- Other stakeholders: private companies, financial institutions, European and national associations
  The workshop is fully booked.