Title: Making the most of regional datasets for modelling territorial impact assessment
Code: 10C82
Chair: Dijkstra, Lewis
Lavalle, Carlo
Organisers: European Commission - DG JRC
Themes: Theme 3: Sharing knowledge to deliver results
Speakers: Batista e Silva, Filipe
Conte, Andrea
Fiore, Annamaria
Nakov, Dimitar
Veneri, Paolo
Interpretation Languages: русский язык (ru)
English (en)
Capacity: 120
Location: European Commission, Centre Borschette, Room 0B
Date: 10/10/2017 [09:00-10:45]
Refreshments: Yes
Lunch: No
Dinner: No
Brief: The availability and use of accurate data is a necessary condition to take informed policy decisions.
The Commission’s Knowledge Centre for Territorial Policies (KC TP) promotes exploring different regionalisation methodologies and available regional datasets to enhance policymaking. In the frame of the KC TP, the Commission (REGIO-JRC) has built consistent and detailed regional datasets to run its models for territorial impact assessment (e.g. the spatial CGE model RHOMOLO and the LUISA Territorial Modelling Platform) and this wealth of regional (at NIUTS-2, 3 and city level) information is gradually made available to policy makers, stakeholders, academia and citizens.
The newly developed Territorial Dashboard will be presented and discussed with regional and local practitioners with the view to share the Commission’s territorial analytical capacity and open the floor for future collaborations.
Internal speakers from DG REGIO and JRC, co-running these projects, will present shortly their results and available datasets. External speakers, from the academia and from regional policymaking will also speak. A discussion will follow and the audience will be invited to share their experience. The workshop will finish with lessons learned and conclusions – towards a community of practice on territorial analysis and modelling.

Target audience:
  • EU, national, regional and local policy/decision makers
  • Authorities managing and evaluating cohesion policy programmes and projects
  • Other stakeholders: private companies, financial institutions, European and national associations
  • Academics, students and researchers
  The workshop is fully booked.