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EU budget 2014-2020 and cohesion policy


EU budget 2014-2020 and cohesion policy

The European Commission presented its proposals for a Multi-annual Financial Framework covering the period 2014-2020 on 29 June 2011.

The Commission proposes to allocate €376 billion for the 2014-2020 period for spending under cohesion policy instruments.  This amount comprises:

  • €162.6 billion for convergence regions,
  • €38.9 billion for transition regions,
  • €53.1 billion for competitiveness regions,
  • €11.7 billion for territorial cooperation
  • €68.7 billion for the Cohesion Fund

It also includes €40 billion for a new Connecting Europe facility designed to boost investment in transport, energy and information communication technologies.

The European Social Fund will represent at least 25% of the cohesion envelope, not taking into account the Connecting Europe facility, i.e. €84 billion.

The other main elements of the proposed Multi-annual Financial Framework in the area of cohesion policy are:

  • Reinforced focus on results and effectiveness, with a systematic link between cohesion policy and the Europe 2020 strategy
  • New conditionality provisions to ensure that funds are used to meet the Europe 2020 objectives, affecting both the initial allocation of funds and the release of additional funds
  • The introduction of a new 'transition region' category including regions with a GDP per capita of 75-90% of the EU-27 average
  • Measures to improve the absorption of funds by Member States

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