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Euronews shows 2nd episode Real Economy "Finding work for a lost generation"


Euronews shows 2nd episode Real Economy

Euronews issues this week the 2nd episode "Finding work for a lost generation" of the series "Real Economy". The effects of the economic crisis on employment have a severe impact on the European youth. The EU youth unemployment rate is more than twice as high as the adult rate. In some countries, such as Spain or Greece, the figures for youth unemployment are reaching unacceptably high levels.  This poses a serious threat to social cohesion and has a long-term negative impact on growth and competitiveness.

The episode analyses youth entrepreneurial initiatives currently undertaken by the European Union. The EU Structural Funds have already made an important contribution to the on-going fight against youth unemployment. Laszlo Andor, Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion is also interviewed to comment on the proposal of the Youth Unemployment Initiative (YEI). The Youth Employment Initiative (YEI) was proposed by the European Council in February 2013. The initiative aims to support all regions with a level of youth unemployment above 25%. It is intended to allocate a budget of € 6 billion to the Youth Employment Initiative.

Episode 2 – Real Economy  "Finding work for a lost generation "

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