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Regions celebrate Europe Day


Regions celebrate Europe Day

Many EU regions will be celebrating Europe Day on 9 May. 

Europe Day marks the declaration made by French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman in 1950 calling on France, Germany and other European countries to pool their coal and steel production.  The Schuman Declaration launched the process of European integration that lies behind today's European Union.

Here are just a few examples of the many activities that will be taking place across Europe to highlight the positive impact of EU regional funding.


  • Visits of 40 EU-funded projects in Brussels and Wallonia will be organised during the 7-8 May weekend (Sur la piste de l'Europe). 
  • The Toujours Plus Haut website presents information about more than 1000 projects in Brussels and Wallonia that have benefited from EU funding.
  • West Flanders will be organising a special event Europa, beleef het in je buurt! on 22 May.


  • Poitou-Charentes has produced a video clip featuring beneficiaries of EU Structural Funds chosen from amongst over 30,000 projects funded in the region since 2007.  The clip will be broadcast on France 3 Poitou-Charentes and made available on various web platforms. 
  • Strasbourg and several other towns in the French region of Alsace will be organising events during May 2011 – the region's first 'Mois de l'Europe'.
  • The Midi-Pyrenées region is also organising over 60 different events under the heading 'Joli Mois de l'Europe'.
  • Burgundy will be organising sports activities, including the possibility to take part in a bike ride visiting EU-funded projects (Bourgogne – la region fête l'Europe)
  • A full list of the events taking place in France is available on the web portal l'Europe s'engage en France.


The Netherlands


  • Portugal is organising a national information campaign highlighting projects that have benefited from EU regional funding.  The campaign will feature two video clips and postcards that will be distributed at universities, theatres, restaurants, bars etc… during the first half of May.


  • A Forum on EU regional funding will take place in Warsaw on 6-7 May 2011.  The event will feature project presentations, competitions and entertainment.
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