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Hungarian Presidency: cohesion policy a priority


Hungarian Presidency: cohesion policy a priority

Cohesion policy is set to feature prominently in the programme of the Hungarian EU Presidency, which runs from January – June 2011. 

The first half of this year will see several important meetings designed to prepare the future cohesion policy after 2013.  These will include:

  • Cohesion Forum, 31 January – 1 February 2011
  • Conference on the future cohesion policy, 31 March-1 April 2011
  • Informal Ministerial meeting, Gödöllő, 19-20 May 2011

The role of territorial cohesion will also come under the spotlight at several events:

  • Meeting of the network of Territorial cohesion contact points, Budapest, 9 February
  • Meeting of the director generals in charge of territorial cohesion, Budapest, 29 March
  • Informal meeting of minister responsible for territorial cohesion, Gödöllő, 19-20 May

Given Hungary's geographical location, it is only natural that the EU's recently-adopted Danube Strategy to promote growth and quality of life in the region should be a priority for the Presidency.  Events focusing on different aspects of the Strategy will bring together governmental and non-governmental representatives:

  • A thematic conference on water management issues organised in coordination with the Hungarian presidency and stakeholders (date to be confirmed)
  • The Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is planning a region-wide event (date to be confirmed) with special focus on the inclusion of the Western Balkans with participation of high-level decision-makers from the EU and Member States.
  • Conference on 'Europe-Danube-Water Innovation and sustainability',  4-7 May, Budapest municipality
  • Conference is scheduled for national parliaments in Serbia, Novisad in March-April.
  • Croatia organises a 'Danube Culture and Tourism Day" in Vukovar in summer 2011.

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