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Exclusive interview with Jacques Delors in Panorama 43


Exclusive interview with Jacques Delors in Panorama 43

The autumn 2012 edition of Panorama magazine contains an exclusive interview with  Jacques Delors, former President of the European Commission 1985-1995. Delors discusses the history and development of cohesion policy and its place at the heart of the European project, and stresses its continued importance for the future development of the regions of Europe. He also warns that cohesion policy must not be confused with competitiveness policy and calls for a recalculation of economic wellbeing to ensure that the full benefits of regional development are taken into account.

Regarding Europe's response to the current economic crisis, he says ‘It is important to distinguish between the European solidarity in the face of the economic crisis and the overriding solidarity of Europe. They are two different things. Indeed it is my view that structural policy should not be side-tracked by the need to respond to the crisis. It has its own logic,  which can if necessary be adjusted according to changing economic reality.’

Regional policy, he says, 'embodies one of the philosophical points of European construction which is subsidiarity’ and he believes that cohesion policy is a way to bring the European project closer to the European citizen: 'We should be building a European Union of diversity with the maximum of initiative coming from the base.’

The full article, and much more, can be found inside Panorama 43, currently available in English, French and German. Other language versions will follow soon.

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